Shocking: See the young girl that commited suicide


Shocking: See the young girl that commited suicide

Fifteen-year-old young girl called Daphine Kimuli has died of suicide after  performing poorly in her Primary school  Leaving Examinations (PSLE) at the  popular  Bwikya Muslim Primary School in Hoima City in western Uganda, Uganda.

According to many of her relatives, the young school girl absconded from home three days  after Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) on 16th july, 2021 released last year’s PSLE results in which she scored as poor as 25 aggregate.

The Albertine regional police spokesperson, Julius Hakiza narrated  that Daphine Kimuli’s body was found hanging on a jackfruit , a tree  close to her home in Bwikya which is around Hoima East division in Uganda on Wednesday. The incident occurred close to a neighbour’s house.

The neighbor, 35, reported the incident to Kinuubi police station  which was followed by a swift  deployment of officers to the scene. The officers are said to be specialists on  homicide cases.

“The scene was photographed and postmortem has been done,” Mr Hakiza told news men in Uganda. 

Mr Hakiza said the young girl,  Kimuli left a very clear suicide note in which she listed several people whom she described as her great  enemies.

“She also claimed that there were people laughing at her for performing poorly in PLE,” he said.

Police said the dead girl, however advised her fellow children and relatives never to commit suicide as such action is not a solution.

In the note seen by police investigators, Kimuli stated that  she had decided to leave her said enemies “to enjoy their world as she was going somewhere else.”

Two people mentioned have been arrested to help in the investigation process. One of the suspects mentioned was allegedly found with Kimuli’s note which she hid without informing any one only to bring it to their knowledge after her death. She said Kimuli had given her the note some days before her death. 

 Another suspect is one of the persons Kimuli described as her “enemies” in the suicide note. The suspects are currently in Hoima central police station.

Her school  teachers ,  described Kimuli as a quiet and well-disciplined pupil.

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