Meet Olamide’s wife, Aisha Adebukunmi Adedeji

Aisha Adebukunmi Adedeji is a beautiful Nigerian who has being dating the Popular singer, Olamide AKA  Badoo before they got married.

She is said to have laboured with the singer when he had nothing and today they are happily married with two children.

Olamide as we all know does not show off his family life in social media but the truth is that the star have a beautiful and hardworking wife. 

Many does not also know that olamide have two beautiful children. A family picture posted on IG by the wife, Aisha Adebukunmi Adedeji, shows off how beautiful and colorful the family looks. 

Please take a look at the beautiful wife, the hidden treasure of Olamide, AKA Badoo…

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