See what a University Graduate did to her mother that will melt your heart


Edwards and mom

The stress of going to school can not be quantified. This is why each time a student graduates, there is this joy that befalls such. 

Poor people go through alot to be able to go to school. Many mothers do unthinkable jobs including fathers and other sponsors to raise the required fees. Such physical, mental and  psychological long stress for years in university is not a child’s joke.

Meet Edwards, a university graduate whose mother sells plantain to sponsor him in the  University. Edwards graduated and with his academic gown, could not wait but rushed to his mom’s shop.

 Edwards knelt down before the mom with heavy tears of joy to thank her. The mother in return  laid hands on him with a motherly tears of joy to bless him. 

This melt the hearts of every one in the market. Many gathered and  began to take pictures. Please congratulate poor Edward and make the mother go viral by sharing. 

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