See the names of the people killed in Agatu today (Ondugbeho Massacre)



For decades, Agatu has been known for inter-ethnic clash. This ranges from Fulani herdsmen clashes with residents dow to two different  Agatu villages fighting one another. 

This morning, there was a deadly attack at an Agatu village called Odugbeho and the following people are found dead:

1. Chief Ali 

2. Mr. Ademu Eje 

3. Musa Ukpetu (Judo) 

4. Mr. Baba Amedu (Tutu) 

5. Sarduana Oyinu (Ajaga) 

6. Mr. Ocho Okolo 

7. Ojela Baba 

8. Alheri Omaikwu 

9. Echechofu Ali 

10. Aboje Joseph Aboje 

11. Abu Joseph Aboje 

12. Godwin Abu(A1)

13. Omale Steven 

14 Musa Ogba Ajene 

15. Ofugocho Ajene 

16. Sani Oketa 

17. Ormeh 

18. Idu Oyigebi’s son 

They were all murdered  at Odugbeho Agatu in Agatu, Benue state 

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