Eating this meat makes one poor and struggling in life

A clergy  identified as Kwabena Boakye Asiamah,  who is a Bishop and a  popular pastor in Ghana says eating some meats will make you poor and also suffering forever. Bishop  Kwabena Boakye Asiamah is the founder of  Universal Spiritual Outreach that is also known as Ajagurujah movement. 

Ajagurujah is an angel whose name means warrior of God. 

The founder of the Ajagurujah church is a spiritual personality who hangs snake on his shoulder as it is believed that sick person who sets his or her eyes on it recieves healing 

Kwaben revealed  that it is not all animals  you see that are meats for you to eat. According to the clergy man, there are some meats that hinders Blessings, stars and glory. Many  can be very hardworking but still remain poor because of this kind of meat.

Bishop Kwabena, founder of  Ajagurujah church revealed that  pork (pig meat)  are unclean and people should stopp eating it if they want to be rich, progress and be successful in life. The Bishop  said it can easily be possessed by several  evil and Ocultic spirits. He also mentioned that the Quran and Bible condemned the eating  of pork meat.

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