Aboki, corbler disappeared after been forced to wear a shoe he charmed for a woman


Aboki, cobler disappeared after been forced  to wear a shoe he charmed for a woman


They are now in LAGOS State oooo! 

This happened in the state capital this Morning, a lady called an Aboki shoemaker as we all call them to help fix her slippers. She allowed him stay in their compound and went back inside to continue with what she was doing.

When he was fixing her slippers, he added

something under before stitching it back. Luckily for the Lady, her landlord was at the balcony watching the ABOKI without his knowledge. 

When he was through, he called that he has finished fixing it and told her to try it on her leg to make sure it was ok. 

Her landlord shouted from upstairs ‘no oh, don’t put your leg in that slippers I’m coming down.

He came and forced the Aboki to put his leg in the slippers, the Aboki refused.

Then he alerted neighbours who gathered and forced him to wear the slippers.

Immediately he put his leg in the slippers, guess what happened?? Hmmmmmmmm!!!!!

He disappeared and right now every one is shocked and in fear around the visibility. 

This should be a lesson to every one. Any time you want strangers to fix your things you wear, please stay with them. 

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