Independent state and local policing will solve insecurity challenges—Rep.


State and local policing will solve insecurity challenges---Rep.

Mr Legor Idagbor who is a member of the House of Representatives says  decentralisation of the Nigeria Police will be a great effective war against insecurity.

Mr legor Idagbor is  representing Obanlikwu/Bekwara/Obudu federal constituency . The honorable member told news men  in Calabar, cross river state that insecurity starts at the grassroots and he believe empowering government at that level will go a long way in curbing insecurity.

“Security is not only about arms and ammunition but information gathering and if that is limited to the federal government alone, there will be a lot that the state governors will not be aware of and a gap at the grassroots level will be created.

“The states and local government need to be part of this intelligence gathering so that within their sphere of jurisdiction, they can maintain some level of network on who and where the flashpoints are”.  The rep says.

He stated that most of what manifests as insecurity are politically motivated and government should be more proactive in addressing some of the demands and needs of aggrieved citizens.

“The local government should be properly funded to empower them to meet some needs of the people and that being done, taking steps to address poverty would go a long way in stemming some of these insurgencies and militancy”. he said.

Idagbor how ever praise his party, people democratic party and went further to ask Nigerians to vote it candidate come 2023. He also advised  party members  to avoid all internal issues as PDP is the lasting hope for the country. 

“Let’s not forget that PDP is an opposition party and in that respect, there is no need for internal bickering and grandstanding within the party

“It is a good thing that Tambuwal, Okowa, and Ugwuanyi were in Cross River to find peace to the crisis rocking the party here, we also wished Rivers State Governor. Nyesom Wike was here too”. He narrated further.

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