By Odumu James

At 40, I’d thought I was over due for marriage following the “remarks” from family members and friends.

“Bros, time is ticking O!” they’d say. 

“But God’s time is the best,” I would cut in.

Saturated with such remarks, I hurriedly tied the knot with my wife whom I met in church two WEEKS later, and had thought she’s the right woman for me after seeing her in my dream on different occassion.

Today, we’re blessed with a Child whom as much as we’re, is jadded with frequent hospital visit.

Our child is a ‘SICKLER.’

Like me, many may’ve made same mistake of ‘RUSHING INTO MARRIAGE’ and some are toeing this life shattering path.

Are you contemplating marriage in that your relationship ?

If you’re, then, know this and know fulfilment.

RELATIONSHIP is a process leading to marriage and not an avenue for getting urgent 2k.😀 As such, it should be adequately catered for.

Most troubles in the family and society today largely rests on relationship that wasn’t properly catered for.

Albeit MARRIAGE is  seen as a divine act, it’s more of an earthly thing. It’s more scientific than spiritual in which its processes lies within relationship.

Many like me, had thought God’ld himself hand over to us our wives in a dream/vision after praying/fasting. A thought that has handed me my today’s fate. 

Neither spirituality nor love gives life partner. ‘COMPATIBILITY’ does !

And relationship is the grace land where compatibility test is experimented for verification and scientific/rational selection of life partner.

This knowledge is to give the understanding of marriage not as a product of blind emotions, but a product of ‘COMPATIBILITY’.

Therefore, the psychological, physiological,medical, economic, cultural and spiritual compatibility ought to have been established in a relationship before the thought of marriage itself.

MARRIAGE  is beyond visions and dreams. ‘IT’S SCIENTIFIC THAN SPIRITUAL’.

Know this, chose rationally and enjoy marriage. 

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