Full video: The truth about crashed fighter jet, NAF 475

The truth about crashed fighter jet, NAF 475 (full video of the crash released by Bokoharam fighters)

Recall, reported how the Nigeria Airforce dismissed the claim by Bokoharam to be responsible for the missing fighter jet, NAF- 475. In this article, we traced and extracted the video released by the dreaded sect, Bokoharam for further analysis. 

In the video, a plane was  blown down. After few seconds, freshly burning air craft with Reg. number, NAF-475  was shown.

 In the disturbing video, Bokoharam fighters were seen speaking in housa mixed with English. 

“The Nigerian Airforce came to fight us, but they can not fight Allah, see what Allah has done to them today”.  says the first speaker. 

The second fighter who was going around the burning fighter jet, NAF 475 went to the lifeless pilot, pointed at him very closely and speaks in Housa. 

“Like you have seen, this one that was sent to fight , look at what Allah has done to him from sky, these ones, if you don’t repent, what happened to this pilot shall be all your portions”. says the  second speaker. 

After the second speaker, another lifeless body was shown (believed to be the co-pilot). 

Watch the full video bellow…

Is the video a propaganda, doctored to undermine the efforts of our soldiers? What ever has happened, may God grant all men of the Nigeria army the peace they have sacrificed their lives for.

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