Man called on christians to Ignore pro-hebrew-isrealite leader, Ajik St James


Man called on christians to Ignore pro-hebrew-isrealite leader, Ajik St James

Attack on Jesus is no longer a new thing. From bible era to the present world seem to have no difference. A man  believed to have read the bible to some extent have being taking to his Facebook page to challenge Christians, asking them to turn back to the old covenant and laws handed to moses as that is the sure guide to make heaven. 

Attack on Jesus by the pro-hebrew Israelite group leader, Ajik st. James seems to be a threat to pastors who are on his page in different social media, as non of them (pastors and Christians) could answer his questions. 

Ajik st. James was brought up in Plateau state by his clergy parents who were one of the old missionaries that  spread christianity in the region. Ajik st. James was a minister in one of the popular churches in the north but later claimed to have found the truth. Among the truth he claimed to have found but christianity have refused to preach and observe are:

(1) Sabbath Must be kept or you will go to hell and all Christians observing sundays will perish

(2) The real name of the messiah should not be called Jesus. In his arguement, he challenged all Christians to go in all languages of the earth to bring out the meaning of the word “JESUS”. He argued that the real name of the messiah was changed in the bible. Ajik st. James went further to state that the name of the messiah in Hebrew language is the appropriate name as the messiah is of hebrew origin hence was named in his own language and not a name, “JESUS” that have no hebrew trace. 

(3) The messiah never resurrected on sunday as it is not possible to count 3 days and three nights from Friday 3pm to Sunday as the bible says. 

(4) That the Israelites of the bible are  black people of which black Americans, west Africans and many more black race are the real israelites the bible is talking about. 

Ajik st. James who spared no one have  called on christian pastors and leaders to start telling their members real truth and come into repentance by giving away all that are not biblical. 

Pam Yak, a close friend on Facebook (suspected to be a pastor) seems to no longer bear the numerous points of Ajik st. James thus attacked him and also called on Christians to ignore him. 

Pam Yak made the call on his face book page calling Christians to ignore the pro-black hebrew leader  by Posting his profile picture. However, two persons who commented so far as at the time of filing this report  could not know who Ajik st. James is. 


See the post from Pam Yak 

Pastor call on christians to ignore pro-hebrew israelites


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