Gun Men Killed fisherman in Zango Kataf


Gun Men Killed fisherman in Zango Kataf

Unidentified gun men has killed a fisherman in Zango Kataf, Kaduna state Nigeria. The gun men attacked the  Fishers  at the shore of the river after  they  alighted from their Canoe to offload fishes. 

“We saw some deadly looking men armed to teeth advancing towards us so we took to our heels. Some ran out while some jumped into the river. I heard serious shooting but i was running for my life. We escaped with injuries but one  of us could not make it” a victim narrated. 

Zango Kataf is a region in Kaduna state that is predominantly occupied by the Kataf tribe. They are known for a long history of war with the Housa Fulanis of Nigeria. 

Recently, there are reports of series of killing that are suspected to be carried out by herdsmen who are accused of fighting to take over Kataf land. 

The body of the killed Kataf Fisherman has been deposited in the mortuary pending police investigation. 


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