Food and supply shortage as St. Vincent volcano rendered many homeless.

Food and supply shortage as St. Vincent volcano rendered many homeless.

After a heavy volcano eruption (la soufriére)  in the Island of St. Vincent on Friday, Another dreaded one had yet occurred, leaving thousands fleeing helplessly.

 A facebook user, Shari Shontell Ackie, a friend of one of our reporters who resides in Canada and have family and friends trapped in the current eruption has asked for help on supplies on their behalf. In her plea, she stated that  there are some shelters still in need of supplies, while others have gotten what they needed.

St Vincent volcano is distructive not only to St.vincent but to alot of neighbouring Islands please get the news across to news/tv channels around the world, they are in need of supplies, mask and asthma supplies, bottle water, food etc.

I have family and friends in these islands, I will appreciate any one who have seen my post to get the word out and if you can help, please help.” She wrote. 



It was gathered that the Friday Volcano eruption in the Caribbean Island made at least 16,000 residents homeless with their valuables trapped. 

“The water situation is going to be dire because of the ash falling in St, Vincent,” a source said


“And in Barbados, the ash is falling. It looks it’s like night over there” another source  said. 

People around the world are taking steps to raise help for the inhabitants of the affected areas. Apart from direct interventions with relief materia,  “Saint Vincent Volcano Disaster Relief” GoFundMe page has been set up by the South Florida-based Invest Caribbean global private-sector investment agency and the Barbados-based Ritzury Group to satisfy the urgent needs of displaced individuals. This include  those who have now been forced into shelters.

In a further investigation into the plights of the residents, our source said  The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) issued a list of supplies needed including 30,000 blankets, 10,000 folding cots, 25,000 goggles and 1000 respirator masks with filters.

Philanthropists and charity organizations who had made request for ways of donations were asked to  contact NaDMA on telephone numbers 440-8390/ 8391/8392 or cell phone 533-0766/ 405-5046.

“It’s destroying everything in its path,” Erouscilla Joseph, director of the University of the West Indies’ Seismic Research Center, told press men. “Anybody who would have not heeded the evacuation, they need to get out . He stated further.

According to eye witness, electricity wires and communication are disconnected due to the wave of force from the eruption. Many inhabitants are yet to reach their loved ones. 

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