How to retrieve damaged, stolen or lost sim cards (new guildlines to do sim card welcome-back)


How to retrieve damaged, stolen or lost sim cards

The Nigeria government has given new conditions that telecommunication service subscribers (users of all sim cards)  must follow  in order to replace  misplaced, lost, damaged, or stolen SIM cards in all the 36 states plus FCT, Abuja.

The new given conditions for SIM card replacement were announced in a collective  statement by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in collaboration with the National Identity Management Commission on Friday, January first, 2021.

The government says all telecom services should not by any means jump the instructions on SIM card registration as that will be the scale ladder through which subscribers will follow in order to use sim card in Nigeria. 

The steps to follow by telecommunications in replacing lost, stolen or damaged sim cards in Nigeria are:

1. Subscribers (owners of sim cards) must present their National Identification Numbers (NIN) for their SIM cards to be replaced.

 2. There must be proper verification of the NIN  by NIMC. 

3. That the given guidelines and regulations of Nigerian communication commission, NCC concerning SIM card replacement are fully adhered to by all service providers.

 The agencies further stated that the new policy guildline was part of the FG’s efforts to reduce the burden on subscribers and to further simplify the exercise. It said: 

“It’s aimed at enabling telecommunications service users who need to replace their damaged, stolen or misplaced SIMs to re-establish access to telecom services.” 

 Having spelt out the guidelines, subscribers should take note incase there is a need to replace sim card as they will be requested of the aforementioned.

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