The Unified country we are looking for

Everybody look at these pictures below:

Before the #Endsars peaceful protesters donated N4Million in less than an hour to this crippled protester Miss. Jane for her to buy an artificial leg, no one asked which tribe, religion or region of Nigeria she came from.

That was done to her because, it is humanity, and she is a Nigerian who deserves it. That is the spirit, that is where we are heading to, a unified Nigeria.

Few days into this protest, an aged woman older than Nigeria’s years (more than 60 years) was hawking Ground nuts amidst protesters, and she was given N500,000 cash by protesters to go and start a good business, no one asked if she was a Fulani, Hausa, Ibo, Yoruba, Tiv etc, neither did the Donors asked if she was a Muslim or Christian. She was just given. That is the unity we want.

I have never been hopeful about Nigeria than now.

#Endsarsnow and #reformpolicenow

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