KADUNA AGBERO: Give us another job so we can forget about ticket selling.

 Fight ensued between an okada rider and a tax force popularly known as ticket sellers around 9am along bible junction in mekera, kakuri, Kaduna state. 

The tax force first stopped the bike man in the usual forceful way but the bike man narrowly navigated towards the nearest street. The bike man resisted but was later stopped through the use of force. They both dragged and later the passenger who was on the bike alighted and walked away. 

A slight fight ensued between the duo but people around intervened. The tax force was basically blamed but he started lamenting in housa, asking that they should look for another job for them so they can stop the Agbero job (ticket selling).

He was furious and nearly attacked our reporter who stopped to take videos and still photos. Watch the VIDEO HERE

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