END SARS: Heart touching conversation with a Nigerian Police


When I went to speak for my people yesterday, I walked up to the other side to see my other people in uniform.

I told him ” Oga, you know we are fighting for you right?”

He said Yes, ” Please make una continue! We have suffered in this uniform”

“We have become enemies to our people because our own ogas have continued pushing us to the limit.’

“Oga, I’v been in this force for 17yrs now, do you know I still buy my own uniform?’

“My shoes and barret inclusive.”

“Do you know we have to buy fuel for the car we use in patrol. 

We are given daily budget to return, if we fail, they will post you to the bush. We can’t complain. “

“Do you know I dont have any car, house or land anywhere, I have nothing at all for the whole 17 years with police.”

“Not all of us know how to trade. Some will do this work but our people has made hell for us.”

“Let me tell you the truth. No matter how Godly you are and join the force

You cannot survive without bribe.”

“Ok, oga imagine this, after using your own money to buy what government suppose to buy, they give us AK47 to go and stand on the road.”

“Now, we see people of our age and the ones we senior driving. 

Why won’t we be annoyed?”

It was a pathetic discussion.

Now we know where our problem started.

(I have to give him something that moved him,he almost cried)

Written by Francis Ugo

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