Sincerely,  love conquers all things ever known to man kind. This is the story of  a Ugandan comedian, Godfrey Baguma also known as Ssebabi who has been named  the world’s ugliest man. Godfrey has taken the world by surprise as he recently got married to his third wife in a grand style.

Godfrey and his 3rd wife  were joined in a popular Church  and they look so happy in all their pictures  going viral on social media.

Godfrey Baguma who is now 47,  is believed to suffer from a  rare medical condition yet unknown , and The second wife Kate Namanda, who is 30, had welcomed a baby girl some years ago.

Godfrey won the less-than-favourable title in some time 2002,  he actually  entered the competition to make money for his  family.

Before he got  married  to Kate, Godfrey had two children with his first lovely wife. Sadly, their union  came to an end when he caught her cheating.

Ssebabi’ has seven children. He was called ‘Ssebabi’ after winning the ugliest man contest. He resides in Kyazanga, Lwengo district, married to Kate Namande who is 28, with whom he has five children and newly married to his third damsel.

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