It is a know fact that COVID 19 Virus is not airborne. It infection is achieve through interaction between its carrier and a vulnerable person. This presupposes that when you lock up a healthy person in social, economic and family setting in an unfittered interaction mode, the vulnerable ones will pick the virus. This also apply to market places, busstop supermarkets etc.

If this is a confirmed concept of how the virus spreads, it suggests therefore, that lockdown response by Nigeria and elsewhere governments is a less effective response. Moreso, that the lockdown in Nigeria, has shown not to have achieve social and/ or physical distancing. This is because, as people are occasionally allowed to visit public places, especially markets, gas stations, ATM, representatives of each family who performs this task on behalf the family, may pick and bring the virus home to with a probability of infecting other members of the family.

Inview of this vicious circle, voluntary and later compulsory testing of everycitizen, quarantine, treatment of infected persons and closure of all points of entry into the country for at least two months could be an effective handling measure of COVID 19. Two months of border closure will allow incubation of the virus to go full circle in other jurisdictions. Thereafter, a two weeks quarantine may apply for immigrants from other countries. Especially, those from high prevalent of the virus.

Government must look for the money to carryout a universal testing, otherwise, whatever government does to solve the imminent devastating epidemy, “may penny wise pound foolish”

This is not the time to put personal fiduciary interest above good reasons, time to act is now. Nigerians safety is Paramount, however, their safety is rest on sound economic, social and political condition. Therefore, any approach which does not factor these three factors, will be “administring only panadol on a feverish patient.”

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