I consider it INCAPACITATION that from February 27th 2020 when the first case of  COVID 19 was first recorded, only 5000 people have been tested in Nigeria with a population of 200Million people. The NCDC, the agency responsible for managing the disease reported as at 12th April, 2020 to have 323 people who have tested positive the virus.

A casual look at this data may suggest that Nigeria is “lucky”. However, a further analysis of the data with a simple statistical analysis will suggest otherwise. Given the data above, the percentage of those tested positive is  6.46%(323/5000)*100.

In public health statistics, it is logic to take 6,46% as estimated infection rate. If this simple linear model were to be a true reflection of infection rate in Nigeria for COVID 19, an estimate of 12,920,000 Nigerians are already infected.

If we were to go by this statistics, those who hold the view that the infection rate is lower in Africa than Europe and America, may be looking at it from the surface, as they may not have considered the ratio of tested and not tested for COVID 19. This may be so,  because Ghana and South Africa with far less population than Nigeria, but with more number of tests for the virus have higher number of infected persons. This government and indeed handlers of the pandemic, must stop this “show man show” and face the daunting task squarely.

Some persons have suggested thinking outside the box of World Health Organization and its affiliates. In this regards,  If  President Trump can openly canvassed for the use of hydrozychloride, why would the black seed oil of Governor Seyi Makinde not looked into? Moreso that their are conspiracy theories flying everywhere, paradventure, there is truth in them, what should we do to help ourselves?

The estimated infection rate is scary enough for a caring government to consider all options and go full hug to get the money required to determine the actual infection rate. I am told that clinical procedure starts with oral interview with the patient, then diagnosis. I am therefore at loss, why it seem the only response by government to this potential catastrophy is lock up probable patients and supply of two idomie and a measure of rice. This diatary intervention itself is a demonstration of ignorance or wickedness, as crates of eggs could have been more compact with the fight against COVID 19.

In conclusion, further lockdown without universal and compulsory testing, may suggest that Government strategy is to lock us up, let the vulnerable and infected amongst expire, so life can continue. After all, most of the elites and their families have been tested and are being treated. God forbid.

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