Police friend behind the killing of Dr. Ataga’s Family arrested

The gang Killer of abducted Kaduna Doctor’s wife was a police officer familiar with the family.

A friend who is a police man and neighbour has been implicated in the death and murder of the wife of the Kaduna based doctor, Dr. Ataga.

The said policeman was identified by the daughter of the doctor when he came to pay condolence visit to the doctor’s family.  A reliable Sources say the policeman was a close acquaintance of the family.

How wicked can a man be?

The doctor’s wife and her two children were abducted few weeks ago by unidentified gunmen who demanded for ransom, only to kill the woman even after the ransom was paid. The two intelligent  kids were later released to their father after some days in captivity.

How will you kill a woman you kidnapped with her kids and you still have the gods to pay the family condolences after been paid ransom to release the kids?

Report has it that the woman and her two children were abducted from their home at the Juji community in Chikun local government area of the state by kidnappers who also killed a member of a local vigilante group in the area during the operation.

A week after their abduction, the body of the woman was found and later, her kids were released after ransom was paid. But God was merciful enough, in his infinite mercy to bring forth the evil police officer, who master Mind the whole thing.

The main reason the woman was killed was because she recognised the police man, which made them killed her.

God blocked the killers brains from ever thinking the kids could recognise either of them.

Now here is a simple lesson from what happened to the Kaduna Doctor’s wife

1. Kidnappers work with information about who ever they kidnapped.

2. Living in an environment, one have to be very careful with those you called friends, because it is only those who know things about you that can hurt you.

3. Don’t be too familiar with your neighbour because he is a security personnel, that is the person that will hurt you the most.

4. Don’t be too full of yourself in your neighbourhood. That resources you have is a blessing from God, don’t use it to impress people just to gain their favours.

5. It is better to appear like a poor man but have enough to eat with your family. The rate envy grows in our neighbourhood in resent times is worst than the current coronavirus.

6. Don’t spend unnecessarily to impress.

This are just few tips to learn from the death of the Kaduna Doctor’s wife because with the Kaduna Doctor’s wife’s death linked to a police officer, who is familiar with the family, it then means majority of the kidnapping and killing cases are masterminded by our security men who are familiar.

No wonder it is always difficult to make any arrest the moment this type of crimes are committed.

How can there be any arrest when it is still the person who mastermind the plan that will also want to handle the investigation

God is watching!

As a reader, It is important you also share your security tips to help the society.

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