Distance relationship: lady got stranded after traveling from far to visit a guy he met on facebook.

25 Year Old Lady Travels to Abuja to Meet a Guy She Met on Facebook [MUST READ]

A 25years old lady who got stranded in Kubwa area of Abuja has been helped out by people around the area.

She narrated how he met the guy on Facebook on Valentine’s day and promised to visit the guy in Abuja from Lagos State. She only got to Abuja to realize that the guy’s number has been switched off. She continuously dialed the number and all efforts to reach him proved abortive.

Initially, the guy simply named as D-Boy has promised the lady, Sandra her transport fare if she can make it from Lagos to Abuja

People have begun to blast the young lady for coming all the way from Lagos to meet a man he rarely knows on Facebook, advising other young ladies to learn from the story of the 25years old Sandra.

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