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Blogging business is a business that can  be seen as an online  entrepreneurial skills. Such entrepreneurial skill can bring about huge  earnings if properly managed. Though Many successful bloggers of today did not make it overnight, it takes years of experience and labor to make it big in blogging business except if you have a good guild before starting

Though it is said that making it big from blogging business takes years of labor and experience but in some cases, it is not as said or perceived by many bloggers who have tried but gave up along the way. If you are one of the persons who started blogging but gave up along the way then this post is for you and every other persons aspiring to start a new blog.

What you need to know to be successful in blogging business 

Many bloggers failed in blogging business as a result of  lack of proper information and guild to the successful path  in blogging. in this post i will run you through a specific guilds to be successful in blogging. just thank me latter and don’t forget to testify in the comment box.

Reasons for failing in blogging business

  • You choose or started blogging with subscription or paid hosting
  • You where thinking that blogging business is a business of making it big overnight
  • You lack ways and total knowledge of seo to drive organic trafic to your blog there by  discouraged each time you look at your stats
  • You failed to monetized your blog in a high paying advertising company like adsense  

 What should you do to get back on blogging business and be successful?

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Points to consider for those who want to start blogging business

  • Your niche (what your blog will be all about)?
  • Wich hosting should you start with?

Choose from series of niche out there, especially what you can write about the most. it could be news, photography, history, music, technology, etc. You could use your community as your niche if there is alot you know about your environment that you can write about .

Which hosting is the best for easy starting and good customer care?

Choosing your hosting can be a bit challenging without guild or referral. Though different people have different choice of hosting company but in this post i will be reffering you to:

1. dreamhost according to wikipedia,  dreamHost is an american Los Angeles-based web hosting and domain name registrar. It is basically owned by New Dream Network, and was founded in 1996 by undergraduate students Viz: Bethune, Josh Jones, Michael Rodriguez and Sage Weil,  at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. the company was later  registered in 1997 by Michael Rodriguez and had being providing quality domains and hostings for different website owners. 

Why dreamhost?

  • 24/7 customer care
  • 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee for all customers who wishes refund of their payments. …
  • There is high Basic Plan Limits. …
  • There is unlimited Disk Space and Network Transfer Limits. …
  • They’re Carbon Neutral (AKA Green) and so sweet …
  • There are no Higher Renewal Price Increase.

These are the reasons dreamhost is first on this list. to register with dreamhost, click here…

2. Bluehost This is owned by  Endurance International Group of company. blue host  is one of the 20 largest web hosts that is collectively hosting well over 2 million domains

Why bluehost 

  • Bluehost most plans include unlimited disk storage, domain hosting, email addresses, and bandwidth and this will enable you enjoy blogging
  • You may not have to buy and be buying all the time, most times you are entitled to get a free domain name for a year included with your purchase.
  •  Easy cPanel  and offers fast access to features.
  • High security features on Bluehost are flat-out excellent.

To join blue host, click here…. 

This two maked our list for now and we advice you to give any of it a try and don’t forget to download our app in order to get all your blogging assistance from

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