Meet The Most Dreaded Terrorist, Chibuike Chita From Onicha Igboeze

Peace and normalcy has  returned to Onicha Igboeze community in Eboyi state after the successful nabbing of the most notorious terrorist in the area. 

The security agency had contacted the community of Onicha Igboeze to corporate with the force in order to arrest Chibuike Chita AKA Fear No Man who is the most dreaded terrorist in the state. Chibuike Chita AKA Fear No Man happened to be son of the soil, from the same community. 

This shows that Onicha Igboeze and every community if corporating with the security, would easily lead to the overcoming of all crimes. Onicha igboeze community  knows the people who are terrorizing their community, but had been afraid to say it according to a source.

Without Onicha Igboeze intervenention,  the military wouldn’t have been able to  fetch this guy easily.

Onoticha igboze community had earlier pleaded with the government to look into their plight and give the community security .

 Chibuike Chita is from Ntiebo Onicha Igboeze, he once blocked Governor’s convoy, beat the security men and took away their guns.

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