Man Named Church After Amadioha (igbo god of thunder)

When one might want to be thinking, “life has shown me all”, then wonders will surfaced. Life seems never to have an end of experience till death. This is the case of a man who decided to open a church and named it after ‘amadioha’. ‘Amadioha’ is a name of an igbo god of thunder.

The founder of the church named it as “Ambassadors of Amadioha”. A lot of reactions has trailed the nomenclature as it is purely of igbo traditional god of thunder, amadioha.

It is clear from the history of Igbos that there is no connections between Christianity and the igbo traditional worship, even till the coming of Europeans to colonize parts of Africa. The pastor’s action has thrown many to different reations. To some, he is rebranding traditional worship while to others, he is integrating traditional worship to his own Christianity.

What baffles more is the pure ways of  traditional worship of Amadioha that is being practiced. This includes the use of animal sacrifice and other incantations. See more in the pictures bellow as we will be bringing you the details as  it unfolds.

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