The ancestor of idoma was Oma. Oma had many wives and begot many children too. One of his sons was Idu. Overtime, Idu Oma has been shortened to “Idoma”. Igala, Etilo, Ette, Afor, all share common ancestry with idoma. That accounted for why “Idoma” had lived with Attah of Igala in Ida for long.

Idoma, then decided to move out of igala land in search of an independent homeland. Consequently they left igala land in batches at different stages in the 18th century, and settled at different locations according to their clans in the present day idoma land.


Idoma gave birth to many children, one of whom was Ede. Ede was the founder of Edumoga, Edumoga literally means “Ede mlo Oga” He gave birth to Abba Idiga and Agbo. Abba Idiga gave birth to Ekeh, while Agbo gave birth to Onakpata.
From these people emerged the Edumoga nation.

ONAKPATA bore Abba Ehaje (Edumoga Ehaje) and Abba Ehicho.
ABBA EHAJE bore Oladegbo, Olaidu, Ojigo, Opialu, Amuhu, Ogomotu, Ojapo, and Akpoga.
ABBA EHICHO bore Amejo and Okonobo.
AMEJO comprises of Ogbodo, Opidlo, Ogene, Ichakwu, Ijege and Olanyega.
OKONOBO includes Iwewe, Okpafie and Eboya.
ABBA IDIGA gave birth to Ekeh.
EKEH gave birth to Ede, Ode, and Abba.
EDE bore Omlokpo and Obotu. Ekenebi is of matrilineal descent from Omlokpo.
ODE bore Ogblega and Aokpasu.
ABBA gave birth to Etukwu and Onyeke.
ETUKWU bore Olengbecho.
ONYEKE bore Amuche and Onyilo. Their mother was Onojo.
AMUCHE fathered Ajide, while ONYILO fathered Ogblo.

Edumoga has six clans. In order of seniority they are: Eke, Onakpata, Ugbokolo, Ai-Abba Icho, Akpodo and Ingle. The last two are matrilineal descent and so are not eligible for beaded chieftancy of Edumoga.
UGBOKOLO is a separate unit of igala descent that has been granted citizenship and incorporated into Edumoga, with equal rights and responsibilities. That was why Agbamu Okoh from became the third chief of Edumoga kingdom.
Edumoga, one of the three districts of Okpokwu local government area of Benue State; the other two being Okpoga (the local government headquarters) and Ichama.
To its northern end lies Ochobo in Ohimini local government area, on its southern end lies Otukpa in Ogbadibo local government area. Okpoga is to its east, while Olamaboro community (in Kogi State) is to the west.

The Very first chief of Edumoga was from Eke. He was Ikwumonu Okpotu (Ikwumonu Onyebe), from Olengbecho. The second Chief was Idibia Onoja from Ojigo (Ai-Abba Ehaje). The third chief was Agbamu Okoh from Ugbokolo Akpali. The fourth chief was Aba Ujah from Okpafie (Ai-Abba Icho). The fifth chief, not beaded, was Daniel Adrugba from Opialu. When Daniel Adrugba died, no one has taken the crown but the chief of Eke is extending his rule. Eke is the eldest son of Ede. The headquarters of Edumoga kingdom is Olanyega.

The majority of Edumoga people are Christians while few are still practicing idolatry of what their forefathers left behind for them.

The Edumoga people has two majors market they use in transacting businesses, they are Ekeh Market in Olengbecho, Afor Market in Ugbokolo.

They are predominantly farmers and hunters.

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  1. I truly appreciate the person who took the time to share this knowledge. I'm a direct descendant of Ikwumonu, but I wasn't aware of the story of my people, in other words, my story. I will surely share this with my children. Thanks

  2. this write up has several mix ups.ojapa is not a clan but a market square in Amufu land. my fouth father was oche Edumoga by Name Oguludwo from ai abba idoko uloko.his staff of office is still in the family house as a heritage and memoria. thnak you.

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