How To Make The Right Choice Of Institution While Seeking For Admission

Regulation of  school sector is very paramount in all countries of the world where education is highly valued and seen as the major key to economic development and architecture for building human resources. This is why most governments have created ministries and special regulatory bodies that supervise activities of various institutions within the jurisdiction of the country.

There are different names for different school regulatory bodies around the world. In Nigeria, the body in charge of regulating universities is called, National universities commission (NUC). Ads by Eonads

This body is responsible for accreditation, regulation,  and monitoring of activities of universities in Nigeria.

In this case, any university operating outside the prerequisites and guidelines prescribed by this commission is liable to be closed down or termed ‘illegal’.

       Implications of attending non accredited universities in Nigeria

Years back, there were different private universities operating within the country without license, these universities had students in thousands and was operating smoothly. Years later, the lists of those universities were published and termed as “illegal universities”. Wave of fear griped students and parents who had invested in paying school fees and other expenses associating with schooling in Nigeria. While some proprietors went on their heels to make up and get licence, others were reluctant as most of them were after money not the futures of the students. Many were closed down and students lost their years and resources spent. Some went to other schools, some gave up on education, some got married and  many committed suicide.

As if that was not enough, till date, more of those universities are still opening without license and are airing adverts for their admission forms. This prompted our aim of publishing this article to educate prospective university students seeking to school in Nigeria.

How to find out a university is not accredited in Nigeria 

If you must escape from attending illegal  university in Nigeria then it will interest you to do the following while trying to make a choice of school:

1.  Visit the main campus of the university and ask students that are there already. In this case, make sure you ask more than 5 different students who are ready to talk to you.

2. Search key words on Google  like “is (indicate name of your scool) accredited?” . Do not rely on your findings from Google as some of these universities may be smarter to imput wrong informations online. This means the first step is very important.

After finding out  online and have gone to the campus to inquire, you must not also forget to enquire about the status of the course you want to apply for.

 Functions of National Universities commission (NUC).

National universities  commission is saddled with almost all the regulatory power to monitor and regulate the activities of universities in Nigeria.  Some of these functions are:

1. Responsible for licensing universities in Nigeria

2. Responsible for monitoring and accrediting courses in all universities in Nigeria.

  Why you should make sure your aspiring  course is accredited before applying 

There are different accredited  universities that are offering some courses that are  yet to be accredited by National universities  commission (NUC ). The implication of this have adverse effects on the students’ careers as they might be delayed beyond years of graduation. In Nigeria, until a course is accredited by NUC, there will be no graduation for such students in that department. This means, if it takes the university 10 good years to accredit your course then you can only graduate then. This is why you must also inquire about the status of the course you are applying for. Please share to help others.

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