How To Move Your Blog From WordPress To Blogger using the same domain.

Hellow bloggers in the house, it has been a stressful time trying to move my blog from WordPress to blogger. Finally I succeeded it, I moved all my posts from WordPress to blogger  and still retain my domain.

Blogging with WordPress is fun and easy with easy SEO management, social media dirrect blog posting and other benefits but what discouraged me after years of my  labour in WordPress is the  continuous subscription with hard earned money without a tangible  income.

A lot of bloggers who started with WordPress without income might be wanting to migrate their blog  from the WordPress platform to blogger as blogger platform offer free hosting services.

Every blogger wants to minimise cost and also maximise profits. Monetizing your blog under WordPress involves huge monetary  subscription to their premium or business services which cost about $96 and above  annually. Initially I thought after subscribing, I could make much money in a goal, my expectation was dashed to the rock of disappointment as my blog did not generate the required traffic to give me my expectations. I got less than $1 in the whole first  5 months and since then, nothing tangible has added. - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

My years of labour and building my blog was like, “all for no avail”. Months running like twinkle of an eye, another year is coming and I will have to pay another subscription to keep my domain name and also access some of their services. After long pondering, I had to protect my self from this fear against expiration of my subscription. What discouraged me most  is that, with the heavy subscription in WordPress premium, customers are not allow to add adsense code to their blog as their head to head html where you can add third-party advertisement code is secured and protected by wordpress. I got discouraged and I had to look for way out as I don’t have much money to keep spending. I found blogger platform as my next alternative as I don’t have to pay for subscription. This means I can still be writing to my audience from year to year on blogger without paying except for just domain name.

The fear of losing my domain after I have created much traffic on WordPress later  compounded me, I had to go on research about how I can migrate all my posts from WordPress to blogger and still retain and  maintain my domain name. In the course of my search, I didn’t get all my answers from one source so I decided to communicate the easy steps you can migrate all your posts from WordPress to blogger and still retain your domain name.

 How to move your posts and domain from WordPress to blogger platform

If you are migrating from WordPress to blogger, the first step is to export all your posts from your website to your device.


How to export all your posts from WordPress site to your device: 

1. Open your WordPress app and go to “view admin”

2. Locate ” tools”

3. After clicking on tools you will see a drop down as shown in 2 above. Click  “export” and all your posts in your website will be saved in you device.

Note: in your file, the post will not be in plain writing  but html form. Don’t worry, it will automatically convert to normal post when you have  imported it to your blogger in the steps bellow.


1. Go to blogger platform and create account with just your email and password as login I.D.

2. Create a New website for free. Note: your website should look like,

3. Go to settings. You will see a drop down, click “others” .

4. After clicking “others”,  look towards your right in your computer and click “import”

5. Your  device will take you to your file, just click your file location where you have saved the post you extracted from your WordPress. All your posts will be in your new created website in blogger platform.


The next step is how you will add your domain name to your new created website in blogger. I.e, how  your  will  become .

In this steps, it all depends on where you first bought your domain. We will be explaining in this post assuming you bought the domain from WordPress and now want to use it in blogger platform.

The first thing you have to do here is to transfer the domain from WordPress to godaddy.

How to transfer your domain from WordPress to  godaddy

To transfer your domain from WordPress to godaddy, go back to your WordPress account and locate your domain, go to domain management and make your domain ” public”, after that, proceed to “transfer  domain to another registrar”. You will see lists of  different registrars, just click godaddy. You will receive your transfer code via your email. Go to your mail and copy the code then proceed to go daddy . Read more details on how to transfer your domain from WordPress to godaddy


After copying the code, proceed to godaddy and sign up. After signing up, search for the name of your domain in godaddy. You will see this picture bellow

Proceed to imput your transfer code as shown below

After inputting your code, click continue. You will be charged  less than $10  depending on your domain.

For more details on step4, click here

      After you have successfully transferred your domain to godaddy, go back to your blogger platform and go to settings=>basic=> then look your right, click on “add third party url to your site”

Type your domain name. I.e, After that,   Click save. You will see a text in red like this in this picture

Click the second green text, i.e,  “settings instructions” . You will be re-dirrected to a new page. Scroll to step three in the new page and write down this numbers as shown I the picture bellow


Go back to godaddy and locate your profile, click on the transferred domain and come back here to  follow the instructions here.

After the process in the video, you should have all your posts and domain running in blogger. Congrats!!!

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