Uses Of Palm Trees

Trees are human gift of nature. The uses of different trees to man had being in discovery from centuries to centuries in the the history of both medicine and agriculture. The uses could be For construction, For herbs, for foods, and some For decorations. What ever a tree may be used for, it is clear that all trees have uses. This is why trees are great gift of nature to animals in general. We learnt in our basic science classes about the symbiotic relationship between trees and animals. As trees breath out oxygen, animals takes in the same oxygen. As Animals also breath out carbon four oxides, trees also depend on the animal’s carbon four oxides to survive. This is to say that without trees, there will be no animals and without animals, there will be no trees. For trees called palm tree, it’s uses seems to be countless. It is a specie of tree that all parts of his body is said to be useful.

Uses of palm trees

Palm trees are trees that their uses can never be overestimated. To some, they may feel as though the uses of palm trees to man is being overemphasised. To be sincere, no part of a palm tree that is not useful to man. Some of the uses of parts of palm trees are as follows:

1. The palm fruits

The palm fruit is used for making palm oil for human consumptions. The uses of the palm oil produced from palm fruits is used in both industries and households. After extraction of the oil from the palm fruits, the palm cannel is used for several things. It can be eaten but mostly used for industrial purposes. It also contains a lot of oil that is medicinal. The chaffs made from the palm fruits is used as fuel for farmers. They are used for making fire, protects foods from burnt, etc.

2. The palm front

In the olden days, the palm front is used to do so many things. It can be used for making baskets, beds, brooms, etc. It is also used for making storage bans, serve as rope in construction work and many more functions.

Baskets made from palm fronts are of many sizes and they are said to have more preservative qualities than others made from other materials. Palm front baskets was used in the olden days as unit of measurement. The big size basket made from palm front is used for conveying agricultural products to market.

Bans made from palm front are also said to have more preservative qualities. It can be used to preserve different kinds of food stuffs. Yams, rice, beans, etc all have a good place to be preserved in bans made from palm fronts

Beds made from palm fronts was mostly used in the olden days in Africa. It is still in use in some remote villages of Africa. It was the best kind of bed for both sick and healthy people in Africa where there are palm trees.

In construction works of our forefathers, the major thing that was used in place of nails was made from palm front. Such string is said to be stronger and durable.

Brooms made from palm front is the best of all forms of brooms. They are used for sweeping rooms and compound of both family public houses. Brooms are said to have some spiritual uses in africa.

3.The body of palm tree itself.

There are many products that can be made from the body of palm trees. The major one we will touch in this post is the palm wine. Palm wine can be produced from palm trees in several ways. It can be done through falling of the tree or by climbing. The best palm wine is the one produced from the up without falling the Pam tree. Palm wine is reach in vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12. Palm wine can be used to treat measles, and other ailments.

The body of palm tree can be used as timbers. Decades ago, palm trees was used for big buildings. This is because of it attribute to resist termite attack. Woods from palm trees are said to be one of the strongest timber but only few are using it for that purpose as a result of it Economic uses.

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