How to survive in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Kaduna state is one of the 36 states of Nigeria. A state that is known for religions crisis but low rate of crime. At the hearing of the name “kaduna”, the first question that comes to mind is, “that crisis zone?” It is true that some times crisis occurs in the crocodile city but it is one of the simplest states to survive and make a living. Several closed down factories like the Nigerian textile and other factories are still struggling to pick up in the state. This makes the rate of unemployment to be high. Economically, things are not bad in kaduna as it is painted outside the state. In this post, I will be showing you how you can survive in kaduna without pains.

1. Know how to speak housa or start learning.

There are at least close to 40 different languages in kaduna state but the unique thing in the state is that they all adopt Housa language as their general language apart from the educated ones that makes use of English language. To run a smooth business in the state, you will have to understand Hausa as some of the uneducated ones in the state may not be able to communicate with you. To understand and speak housa gives high advantages in kaduna if you are a business person.

2. Leave in the area where you have people of the same Faith with you.

This is not to paint the state as a Dangerious zone but to let you know the trend of things. The history of crisis in kaduna has virtually divided the state into two. The Mulims in the north while the Christians are in the southern part of the state. By Staying around people who have the same Faith with you in kaduna, you may hardly fall victim when there is a usual religious chrisis.

3. Stay away from crime

If you are a type that is involving in one crime or the other then kaduna won’t be a safe place for you. It is one of the best states with high securities. This is because the country’s heart of Millitary base is located in the state.

4. Don’t talk to people any how

This advice is basically for civilians. If you want to really survive in the state then you must stay away from quarreling with people. This is because you might mistakenly talk to a high ranking Millitary officer and you know what that means. In kaduna, Millitary men are much because that is the state where almost all of them are trained.

5. Learn how to eat different varieties of foods made with corn, local rice and soybeans

Like every Northan states in Nigeria, if you are not the type that cooks your own food your self then you must learn how to eat any thing made from corn, soybeans and local rice. In this state, the major foods that is consumed daily is made from those three grains. For local rice, it is used for making weina, kunu jeda, tuwo shinkafa, etc. For soya beans, it is used for making a lot of local drinks and also for making awara. For corn, it is used also for making weina, local drinks and tuwo masara. Am sure you will enjoy all the foods if you visit kaduna.

6. Cheap foods.

Foods are highly cheap in kaduna state. You can buy tomato that can serve you for the whole year with just less thank 3k depending on the season. What feeds you for a month in states like Lagos may take you for two months in kaduna.

7. Don’t expect much wages

As goods are cheap so are services. A transport fare that can take you for just tree kilometers in Lagos may take you to 6 or more kilometres in kaduna. If you earn about 100,000 naira per month from a job in Lagos , you may end up getting 70,000 naira if not less from the same job.

8. Drive with care.

If you want to drive in the city of kaduna state, make sure you see every commercial drivers as “mad” so you can be careful. They can enter into your way carelessly as they are always in a hurry.

9. Low cost of living

As wages are low, so is cost of living compared to other states. There are places in kaduna town that you can still get a room as low as 1,500 naira per month.

Not as you are hearing in the media, kaduna is peaceful and lovely to stay with family.

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