How To Avoid Shortage Of Power Supply In a Given Community.

Many have concluded that Power outage in Nigeria is an inevitable problem. The reach and the poor experience the menace daily. This brings us to this important discusion. Is there any problem without solution? To me, the answer is no. I have lend my voices through writings and I do know, Nigerians, Africans and the world in general is reading and learning. However, It will not be completed if we do not discuss about Nigerian power supply company.

We have learnt over the years how corruption has killed the power sector. It is either there is no transformer, or the total power supply in the country has gone down. In the case of power supply, Nigerians has classified the power sector as a sector that may hardly be reformed do to government reluctance to do the needful in that sector since the independence of the country. In yearly budgets of the country, billions are released to that sector but it always seems like the more money is paid to that sector, the lesser the power supply Nigerians enjoys.

You may be surprised if I tell you that the major problem of power sector is monopoly. Power sector has enjoyed the power of monopoly since independence. This makes the management of that sector to do what ever they feel is right for them. Poor execution of government policies to cushion the inhuman activities of power holding company of Nigeria has become a thing to worry about. From the era where the company was managed by the government down to this era when it has been bought by a private company, nothing has really changed. In an ideal business settings where there is a rival producer of a given product, efficiency is usually enjoyed by the consumers. In the case of power supply in Nigeria, reverse is always the case, there is always no sertisfaction. It is disheartening that untill either the government provides transformers and electrifies a community or the community through an external or internal help gets the project done else, the sole company that supply power in Nigeria May never bother to extend their services. What about maintainace of some of these instruments that could ensure steady power supply? It is either the community pays to maintain it before having light or wait for the company to remain in darkness. These numerous sharp Malpractices of this sector falls too far bellow global standards.

For these obvious reasons, I would want to discuss possible ways to end this scourge of monopoly. Though it is not a new thing that in Nigeria, you beg to pay for power and also beg before it will be supplied to you. Should we keep waiting till eternity for government of almost 60 years old to reform the sector after failing to do so over the years? No, do not wait! Here are possible ways to reduce problems of low power supply in your community:

2. Community donations.

Another major problem that causes low supply of current and some times no power supply is, over loading of the transformer. In every developing communities, there can be donations from landlords towards the maintainace and acquisitions of transformers to ensure steady power supply to such community. How can this work? It could work by taxing every land lords like about #30,000. This amount multiplied by each houses in a community can buy an extral transformer. In this case, the community has edged against the menace. This amount will be paid by every new houses that intend to use light in that community. This means, there will be more money in the community’s account as houses continue to increase and more transformers can be bought.

2. Have a community union on power.

This union will be responsible for liaising with power holding company on the necessary things that should be done as the community’s rights on power supply. To me, the union should not be focused much on the rights of the community because by doing so, the company may try to exercise power of monopoly. Remember the rules for getting power in Nigeria, ‘you plead to pay, and plead to before being supplied’. Am sure you have being seeing cases where a community was never supplied power but the company will still force the community to pay for the period they never enjoyed the light? Such experience should give the community union on power a straight way on how to make deals with the company.

Please tell us how you feel about this suggestion.

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