All You Need To Know About Pig Farming

Pig, otherwise known as swine is a specie of animal that is said to be very dirty but reach in meat. Not every one eats pork, to some, they just don’t like it while to others, they do not eat pork for religious reasons. Some part of Christian religion does not eat pork so is Islam. Conversely, some communities eats pork as one of their favourites .

Things  to consider while going into pig farming are:

1. Your market

While choosing  pig farming as a business, you must consider the environment you are. As stated earlier, there are some religions that forbids pork as edible meat. Starting pig farming  in a religious community where pork is forbidden  can be very challenging. Your challenges will range from attacks on you and your farm down to where you can sell the animals.

2.Your financial status

Getting the required foods for your big farm  can be very challenging, if you are not financially boyant then you must think twice before going into the farming. Pigs eats a lot so you must have at least small amount of money on ground after getting the first set of your piglets on ground.

3.Your structure.

Pigs must be properly housed as they are very destructive. You must have a strong structure to house your pigs if you want to enjoy the farming. Allowing your bigs to roam about may create a lot of problems for you.

How To Farm pigs

There are several technics pig farmers  can use in in order to be successful in the Business. In this post, continue reading to understand  local and natural ways of farming pigs

1. Get the structure

You can use strong woods, bab wires, irons or blocks to construct big house. The choice of the house for your pigs should depend on your pockets and environments. Which ever material you might want to use, do make sure it is a quality one. make sure the floor of the house is not plastered. This will enable your pigs have a more natural life.

2.Get a water source.

Pigs likes water so you must make sure you have a steady water supply to the house.

3.Get a male and female pigs (piglets).

You can get more than one or two females if you wish. Though it all depends on how you want to start the farm. There are different species of pigs. Some pigs  are  long and slim while some are short and fart. There are  other species that are long and very fat. The best specie is the one that is tall, long and also big. Before getting the piglets, make sure you see the mother and may be also see the male that crossed their mother. If they are tall, big and long then you can go for that specie. The reason is that the tall, long, and big sells more than other species and also easy to maintain.

4. Pierce the nose of your piglets and fix a ring

This system is not known by many farmers. Ringing the nose of your piglets prevent them from being destructive. One of  the destructive weapon  that pig has is the nose. They use it for digging. The nose is so strong that it can dig six feet down if given the opportunity. With the ring on their nose, they feel pains and stop digging Each time they want to destroy.

5. Deworm all your  pigs on regular basis

Worms can easily shrink and  kill pigs, it is one of the diseases that attacks pig farm. Deworming  your pigs regularly will enable them grow plumpy.

6. Local foods for pigs

Some Pigs are not  selective when it comes to  food. They eats almost every foods that human being consumes. The choice of foods for your pigs depends on how they are brought up. Some bring up their pigs to eat only cooked foods, some bring up theirs to eat salted raw foods while some trained their pigs to eat all forms of foods. The choice depends on the farmer and the environment.

In an environment where the pigs are to be left outside, training them to feed on only cooked and salted foods will prevent them from eating planted crops.

Note: building your pig house under a three is very good as they don’t like high temperature. The situation where you don’t have trees to build the house under, you can create the shadow through any other materials.

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