How To Make Safe Tooth Paste At Home To Avoid Ache.

As generations come and go, so does human inventions and uses of commodities. Adopting a certain commodity to be generally acceptable depends on the taste of that generation. Though some times it depends on the findings of that generation and how such commodity is been modeled. Years Ago, the best trouser was “tight at the tigh but very large on the ground”. As time goes on, another generation came and started to adopt a trouser style of “larger at the tigh but very slim on the ground”. What instigated the disparities in the taste of generation to generation is what we do not know.

Presently, there are speculations that the major causes of high rate of tooth problem is the presence of industrial fluoride in some pastes. Science proved that fluoride strengthens the teeth but the new speculations is saying otherwise. To play safe, you must rinse your mouth severally after using some of the pastes. though there are numbers of ways you can make your tooth paste at home. In this post, we will show you how you can make your own paste.

In the olden days, what was used to clean the mouth and teeth was chewing sticks and water. Chewing sticks was the best known way of keeping mouth clean . The advantage of using chewing sticks is that some, if not all are medicinal. Most of the selected sticks are known to be immune boosters.

What ever that has advantage has it own demerits. The disadvantage of using chewing stick is that it is time consuming. Unlike using tooth brush and your paste that can take less than 5 minutes. The task of using chewing sticks to clean the teeth needs at least 30m to 1h before you can properly achieve the neatness of your teeth.

What are the various items in your house that are agent of teeth whitening?


I have not seen any paste in the market that makes my mouth feel smarter like when I put salt on my brush and brush my teeth. Though it hots the mouth but it can make you have a smooth breath through out the day.

Another effective ways of using the salt to take care of your teeth and mouth odour is by using it with hot water. Boil or warm some water and add some quantity of salt to it. Use the solution to rinse your mouth after brushing. The mixture of salt and hot water also help in curing toot pains. Salt and hot water is one of the solutions that can be used to douse tooth ache. Regular use of it eventually kills the bacterial that is causing the ache.


Ashes do not just make you have a fresh breath but also a great teeth whitening agent. All you have to do is to put your brush on or in ashes, bring it out and brush. After brushing, note the freshness of your breath that day.

3. Charcoal

Charcoal is also a teeth whitening agent. Pick some pieces of charcoal and make sure you blend it to powder. Use it and brush daily. You will see the difference between using charcoal and other substances.


As I will always say, the best cure is Prevention but if you are already sick, the best solution is around us. Science has done their best and they deserve applaud but nature remain the best solution to all human quests. The quests to bring fresh breath to humanity gave birth to invention of tooth paste. As industrial tooth pasts are said not to be the final solution to bad looking teeth and bad mouth odour, there is another reliable solution to these problems.

The Ingredients you need: charcoal, salt, ashes and olive oil

How to use the ingredients to make tooth paste

Blend the charcoal, salt and ashes together. Mix the blended substance with the olive oil and put it in a container. Your healthy tooth paste is ready. This substance will not just only give you fresh breath but will turn your teeth to white.

Any contribution? Please share with us.

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