Causes Of Whitlow, Prevention And Natural cure.

As the name sounds, “Whitlow”, so it does makes an infected person dance real “Awilo” without the music playing. It could seize all your sleep for the whole week. Whitlow, a viral infection caused by herpes simplex, is a deadly and painful disease that usually affects fingers and toes.

Causes of whitlow

Whitlow is caused by several things:


Regular exposure of fingers and toes to excessive cold can easily caused whitlow when there is a small injury on any point of the finger or toe

2. Cut on tip of finger or toe between the nails

Cutting our finger nails makes us look more good and comfortable but if wrongly cut, it could cause whitlow if not taken care of.

3 Normal injuries

Normal injuries on toes and fingers between the nails could cause whitlow especially when exposed to cold.

No matter what causes whitlow, it’s pains can be really excruciating!

How To Prevent Whitlow

Health is wealth and prevention is always better than cure. As excruciating is the pains of whitlow infection so it is easy to be prevented. Ignorance they said is a disease that’s why people get infected with whitlow. This is because, infected people lacks the basic knowledge of how to prevent it. Here are some simple steps to prevent it:

1. Put your fingers and toes in warm water

Whitlow survives mostly in a very low temperature. If you notice a small pain in any part of your toes or fingers, all you have to do is to boil water and try to insert the tip of that affected finger or toe. That Can be very painful but if done, the pain goes the same day and developing whitlow will also die. The hotness of the water should be between the point you can endure. Whitlow does not survive hot temperature beyond the normal body temperature.

2 place the suspected part of your finger or toe in a very warm object.

Some times you may not need to boil water, you can easily place the part of the finger or toe on warm objects like pressing iron that you have turn the hotness to the lowest. Just make sure you feel a deep pain on trying to warm the suspected part. Note: you must not let the part you are warming to touch the hot object because of burnt.

3. Use fuel

You can prevent whitlow by placing your fingers and toes in fuel. Fuel shrinks the development of the herpes simplex virus that causes withlow.

4. Avoid putting your fingers in extreme cold water.

Like I told you, whitlow only survives in cold temperature. Cold temperature makes the infection develop faster. Avoiding cold water means you are avoiding the pains of whitlow if you are suspecting a part of your finger or toe to be susceptible to the infection do to a pain at that point. In other way, if your nature of work warrant that you touch very cold liquid substance all the time then you must warm your fingers after work each day. The best cure is Prevention!

Natural Ways to Cure Whitlow

1. Hot water And salt
As hot water prevent herpes simplex development, so does it kill the virus if mixed with salt. No matter the pains you are feeling from the infection, just simply boil water and add good quantity of salt. Insert the affected part in the hot water little by little and be removing it in tune with how you are feeling the pains and how you can bear it. Repeat this three times a day for like three days. You will have your freedom.

2. Lime orange

Get like orange and cut one side of the lime to the size of the tip of your finger or toe where it is affected. Force the affected finger or toe through the cut lime. Make sure it tightens the affected part. The contraction of the lime on the affected part inhibits further development of the virus and eventually kills it. This process could be tedious compare to method one above.

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