10 Ways To Know Your Boy Friend Is Tired Of You.

Practically, every relationship is mostly sweet at the early stage. Like the law of diminishing return, so is relationship today. At the starting, it is either the new catch, or death. The more you have a taste in a relationship, the more your satisfaction increases at the early state until a point then it began to reduce. In many cases, it slides and crashes!

However, it is not the Same in all relationship. To some relationship, every day is a new day. The more the duo be together, the more they long for each other.

In the case where the male is getting tired of the relationship, what are the signs he may likely be showing? As a lady, how would you detect this signs and be prepared for a new life? Here are some of the attitudes your boy friend might put on when he is ready to dump you for a new girl:

1. Reduces the way he calls you.

Am sure when you met each other, he was that guy that calls like 20 times a day. Where is the regular early morning calls? Where is that soft spoken voice in the morning? After several matches, both home and away, what is happening now? Does he call you like before any more? If no, then what’s happening? Your guess might be good as mine. Do not conclude at this point, just watch out for more signs.

2. He forms ‘Busy’

He use to call during break time as at then but now no more. Are there no more break Time? What about after work? Does he check on you any more? What about those little things he use to buy for you while going home from work? Have they all stoped? Am sure you must have asked him why he has changed and he gave you excuses of being so busy. Well, clap for him dear sister, may be more busy, more money!

If your boy friend begin to take excuses of being busy for not treating you rightly like before then you have to be careful and let him know he has changed. If you don’t handle this quickly, you may end up wasting your years as single lady.

3. He avoids your calls

You called him, he didn’t pick. He never returned that call for the whole day. You tried to find out by calling again the next day, he picked and told you he was tired. Hey baby girl, I must let you know your man is preparing to go if he start doing this.

4. He avoids you

At this point he stop seeing you. He might even call to tell you he will be traveling. Unlucky for him, you bumped into each other in a public place without him having a traveling bag and all he could said is, “Am just arriving”. Why didn’t he let you know he was coming if you mean any thing to him any more?

5.His phone started having password

When you met newly, he was that free guy that let you use his phone. Suddenly, you can no longer assess his phone. You asked for the password, he created excuses. This is an obvious sign that he is tired of you and may be there is a new catch already. Just be careful!

6. He picks offence easily

What ever you do becomes problem at this time, even those things you use to play with. He makes sure there is one quarrel or the other between the two of you.

7.He becomes nonchalant

He use to be shy and accord you some respects before now but suddenly he becomes too loose and no longer rate you like he use to do. He might purposely polluted the air to make sure you get offended and stay away from him. At this point, he will be careless about your feelings.

8. He never says sorry.

He is at fault yet he wants you to worship him. He never bothered to admit his faults like before. He rather puts all the blames on you and walk away. For the sake of the love you have for him, you might have said sorry for what you are never wrong on. Even at that, he might still feels and still acts like your apology is never enough.

9. He totally avoids your call

After finding ways to put blames on you, you tried to call as that soft hearted girl to make sure things works out well between the two of you again but he refused to pick. You went to his place and try to mend things and may be be things picks in a new hoax way which might be known to you at that moment. You dressed sexy and through your charming appearance, he said “no problem” and acted like all is well now. You left his house and thing remain the Same after the short match.

10.He pronounced quit!

At this point he finds a fresh fault from you and anchor on that fault to tell you he is tired of you.

Hope this points gives you a real insight on when to stay away from an untrue boy friend?

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