How to maintain a long distance relationship.

Journey of love is like a balloon that is blown by wind. It’s destination can never be predicted. Such balloon could land even in the sea. Journey of love can really be likened to such occurrence.

We meet friends dady by day. It could be in the bus, market, train station, online, forum, conference, etc. Some times we tend to like a person even from the first day of meeting such a person. What If you have just few days or hours to spend with such person at that period? What if you just met for days and you are both in love already? What if you met a person online from a long distance and you both fall in love? No matter where you met each other and no matter the present distance between the two of you, you can still make it together if you want to.

Here are some things to do if you want to keep a distance relationship.

1. Good communication

If you both want to survive through the distance, then you must have a good communication medium where you can talk to each other always. without communication, distance relationship will be faced with too much challenges. Since the inception of the use of internet where you can make video calls, every serious friend that want each other can easily make it like as if they are in one house. With such medium, you can create confidence and assurance of love in each other pending when you can be together in real life.

2. Be romantic while communicating on phone.

Telling your partner sweet things on phone will make he or she long for you. Romantic words will create confidence in him or her that you care and you might be willing to play the true game, LOVE.

3. Carry your partner along in all your activities.

This means to always inform your partner about all your activities. Let him or her know about what you are doing and what you will be doing. By doing so, you will both have more confidence in each other.

4. Always Surprise each other with “I miss you call” during working hours.

No matter how you are busy in the day time, don’t forget to call your person during that period. A word of “hello baby, am busy but I missed you so I decided to hear your voice” is like credit alart to bank account. To be such romantic will make it difficult for a friend at long distance to resist you. Try it and see your distance relationship glowing again.

5, Don’t suspect each other.

No matter how you feel your partner might be cheating on you in a distance, don’t let him or her know. Instead of letting him or her know, tell her you know he or she won’t cheat on you because of the love you have for each other. By doing this you are also building confidence in her to trust you.

6. Talk about marriage life together.

The aim of every reasonable relationship is to end up in marriage and have children together. Talking and imagining about such sweet experience to come will also gives more strength to your relationship. By doing so, your relationship will glow no matter the distance.

7. Estimate time on when to meet

No matter the distance, either motor or plane can still travel through. Distance means nothing when it comes to real love. Always estimate when to meet each other and also work towards it. No matter how uncertain you might be about seeing each other, do not let your partner know if you ever love him or her. The love you have with each other will make things work out naturally. For all I know, LOVE answered all things.

8. Surprise each other with gifts if possible.

Gift covers multitude of offences. You may have little misunderstanding while communicating on phone from time to time. Your little token of gift can give your partner a great joy and security. Frankly, giving of gift can only be easy when it is between the same country. Though is possible any where but it cost real money to send items across the boarders.

9. Get contacts of friends or family of your friends.

When you can not reach him or her, it can be easy for you to call his or her friends or family. In a case of a misunderstanding between the two of you, explaining to one of the friends or family member to talk to him or her on your behalf could help mend a broken distance relationahip.

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