How To Know If A Lady Is A Wife Material.

The quest for life partner can be challenging to young men who must have vented into several relationships before. To such, the best is hard to get. While Some easily glue to a single girl, others continue the quest of getting the best of all women. It might be As result of past experience or nature of the person. Some search too long because they can’t be easily sertisfied. To such, they want to find that woman or girl that has all the good qualities on earth.

If i must be sincere with you, there is no perfect human out there. If a person is complete in one aspect, he might not in the other. This is where understanding and teachability becomes the summary of all qualities that a man should look for in a lady. The two qualities is the most paramount characteristics that a person should be looking for while making a choice of life partner.

Let me take you briefly to a list of major qualities that a man should look for in a lady:

1. Beauty.

According to a popular saying, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” . Yes, it is very true that beauty is in the hands of the beholder. A lady that is beautiful in the eyes of James might be the most ugly lady in town in the eyes of John. This means, there is no specific standard to measure beauty. In relation to this, I may not go into detailing of the standard of beauty a man should go for. If you feel a disabled lady is beautiful in your eyes then she might be good for you. Just make sure you find her beautiful before making that choice. In making choice of a wife, you must ensure that the lady in question is physically beautiful in your eyes. This will help you enjoy every day of your life each time you wakes up together and you see that nice choice you made. Some relationship analysists may wave beauty as one of those things a man should look out for before picking that girl or lady or woman as a wife but in my case, I do strongly advice that you consider that too. Though every woman has a peculiar beauty and is mostly discovered by that true man.

2. Submisiveness

In African culture, men are said to be the head of the family. What does head of an institution do? They oversee the affairs of such institution. According to African culture, a lady who does not see her fiancee as the head is not a wife material. Do you give useful instructions to her while you are still dating and she don’t take those instructions because she feels you can’t control her? If yes, then you might like to think twice before making that decision. I know you might not like to punch some one soon! Also, If she contend with you in all your decisions while dating then you must think twice before going for her. A woman that objects and contend with you while you are still dating may end up not making a good wife.


This is the ultimate quality a man should look for in a lady. As we have said, there is no perfect being out there. If a Lady Is teachable then she will make a good wife to every man. This quality will enable her pick corrections in any areas she is corrected. Teachable ladies are good wife materials, this is because such is ready to learn from you and make amendments daily. Such ladies takes orders from their men and when they are married, they always feel their husband is always right. They easily make amendments each time they are corrected. No any other characteristics can be paramount in a lady like teachability. The quality completes 50% of a wife material.

How can you find out this quality in a lady?

As you continue to date, find out those areas that she seems to have fault and try to teach her what ought to be done. If she humbly picks the corrections and amend then she is one of those who is teachable.

A lady may not be romantic, you teach her how to be romantic and she started it, she is a dirty girl, you taught her how to be clean and she learnt it and became that clean girl, she is arrogant but she changed after you taught her how to talk to others , she use to flirt but she changed after you told her to stop, she picks corrections on what ever you taught her? If yes, then she might be the one.

A woman or lady you think is holy today may have cockroach in her cupboard. Look for that humble lady that is ready to be taught and you will be good.

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