How To Know A Husband Material

Men are most dynamic when it comes to relationship. Making the best choice of a man as a lady is more challenging than a man picking a wife. It is a desire of every lady to be in the hands of a man that will treat her like a queen. Unknowingly, a lot of ladies have made wrong choices by falling into the wrong hand. The wishes of every girl is to find that man that will:

1. not turn her to punch bag

2.not humiliate her

2.provide for her,

3. be romantic

4. not womanize

5.Not be a chronic drunker, etc.

Every lady wants the best in her man but to find that one person that has all good qualities could be challenging. The choice of husband depends on individual. While Some wants a tall man, the others wants average or short in height. While Some lady may prefare a man with longer and bigger ‘working material’, the others may want it short. While Some may prefer a gentle man, others may prefer a very sturbon man. Some may want that very handsome man while some may prefer that ugly man. All of these can be best explained by the maker of such choices.

Every lady desires the best husband but it is very certain that no human can be complete. It becomes more cumbersome when a lady is looking for three or more qualities in one man before saying yes.

Basically, how will you really know your friend or fiancee is a husband material? I can show you briefly.

1. He considers you first

A man who put you first in all he do might be a husband material. Though men does all forms of pretence while dating a lady, few ones shows their real self during courtship. If your guy considers you first while making decisions or doing any other things then hold him and watch out for more of the following qualities.

2. Truthfulness

A man that lies might be a womanizer, a criminal and a gold digger. If a man loves you for real, he will tell you the truth always. Though you don’t have to conclude if you find your man lying to you for just once. Watch out for more qualities before concluding he lies. Some men lies to their woman in some situations because they want to keep you. This means some lies may be because of love and fear of losing you. Though no reason is big enough to make a man lie to his girl.

3. Romantic

Not all romantic men are husband materials. A man might be romantic to you and also does the same with other ladies out there. Though the truth is that Average Romantic man cares for his wife and always want her happy.

3.He never made an attempt to beat you up no matter the privocation

If you find that man that you always provoke yet he never made an attempt to beat you then he might be a husband material. Real husband don’t beat wife!

4. Walks away while provoking him

A man that does this is a husband material. Such men walks away to douse the tensed moment between the two of you. He also calls to check on you few minutes after walking away.

5. He settles things with you when there is a rift

No relationship is free of quarrels. The ability to settle after quarreling is what keeps relationship going. If your man is the type that settles easily with you then he is a husband material.

6. He gives you whatever he has

In Africa, it is culturally known that every man should provide for his family. This quality can be detected even while you are still dating. If he is the type that tries to provide for you then he might be a good father to your children.

7.He don’t have password to his phone and allows you assess the content

This means he might not have any thing hiding from you. Such man might only have you as his only woman

8. He likes your family and always want to meet them.

This point is a sign that he loves you and he is ready to spend his world with you. Though meeting your family might not determine if he is a husband material or not. It is simply a sign that he wants to marry you.

We would like to hear your opinion through your comments.

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