Simple Farming Implements And Their Uses.

There are different simple farm instruments used by peasant farmers in the modern days. Farm instruments had been developed from time to time. This ranges from the ancient technologies to the modern ones. While Ancient technology produced instruments used manually, the modern day technology produces instruments that mechanize farm productions.

The acquisition of modern farming instruments had being a major impedance inhibiting aspiring farmers. The major difference between the modern and the old farm instruments is the degree of performance.

There are several ancient farm instruments that peasant farmers are still using today. These includes:

1. Cutlass

Cutlass is one of the primary farming implements for peasant farmers. It can be used for clearing of site, cutting of small trees, etc. it can also be used to eliminate crop pests.

2. Weeding knife

Weeding knife is a farm instrument that is usually shorter than cutlass. Flat and sharp surface with a wooden or plastic handle. It is used to weed grasses from farm. Weeding knife is mostly applicable in removing weeds from crops that are planted closely.

3. Hoe

Hoe is an ancient instrument used for making ridges. Hoes May hardly go into extinction as long as peasant farming is concern. It is used for tilling soft soils, making ridges, etc

4. Digger

Digger is another farming implement that had being in use by man for as old as agriculture. From ancient agricultural invention to the modern day, digger had been transformed and re-shaped from ages to ages as technology tend to improve. Digger is used for tilling the soil. It is usually employed when the soil is said to be hard or dried. When other local farming instruments can not till a soil, digger is used.

5. Rake

Rake is used by farmers to gather a cleared bush before farming. It is a farming implement that is made up of a curved metal surface with separated parts. The handle is made of either wood or iron.

6. Shovel

Agriculturally, Shovel is used for several purposes. It can be used for packing/loading sand and other things. It can also be used in transplanting.

7. Sickle

Sicle is primarily used for harvesting crops. Such crops includes rice, guinea corns, millet, etc.

8. Watering Can

The major uses of watering can is for watering of plants during dry season. It is used purposely to ensure a more even sprinkling of water on crops .

9. Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow is relatively a modern farming implement. It is used for carrying farm products from one part of a farm to another. It can also be used to convey crops from the farm to a near by market where such crops can be sold.

10. Axe

The major uses of axe is for falling of trees, spliting of fire woods and breaking of words for other agricultural uses.

12. Shears

This is basically used for pruning of flowers. It can also be used for harvesting grains.

13. trowel

Trowel is used for mixing and application of agricultural manures to crops.

14. Saw Blade.

Saw blade is used for cutting woods. It can be used to divide woods into a meaningful shapes for agricutial constructions. There are clear difference between Saw blade and cutlass. While saw can be used for dividing woods into more meaningful parts, cutlass can not be used for the same task. Also, Hand Saw can not be used for clearing grasses. Each farming instruments has their own specialised functions.

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