Millionaire Business You Can Start With Just #7,000 ($20)

Africa is a continent where the rich is getting richer daily while the poor gets poorer. Economically, the relationship between the rich and the poor in Nigeria and Africa in general is quiet parasitical and never been symbiotical. It has been observed that the extreme rich people in Nigeria made their money unlawfully. Most of them strictly depend on the detriment of the poor to enrich themselves due to loopholes in governmental policies. One of this loopholes is the inability of the government to deregulate some sectors in order to provide genuine opportunities for the growing poor masses.

One of the highest paying sectors in Nigeria is the oil sector. The few opportuned persons who works in oil sector earns heavy amount but some of them who are extremely rich from that sector engage in one illicit business or the other. Some of the illicit business they engage includes creation of artificial scarcity of fuel products after hoarding so as to re-sell hoarded products in real millions, and some times in billions.

In every economic situation in the country, there is a voluminous business opportunity. It takes a visionary business minded person to understand and key into it.

In this lesson, we want to show you how you can key into fuel scarcity in any part of Africa and make millions in a short period of time. Sounds sweet? good!

In some places, the business is  nick named as “black market”. Sounds bad? May be yes but it is allowed in every streets and corners in Nigeria. The government wave/allow the retailing of fuel products because of insufficient fuel filling stations or lack of the products in a nearby one. This is because, some communities have to travel over 15 miles before accessing one of the non functioning ones.

Many smart Nigerians made millions from this business. They started from scratch then developed to big marketer.

Let me show you briefly how you can start an oil business with less than #7,000 then make millions in no distant time.

1. Get a remote location where there are no functioning filling stations.

This is the first approach to this business. Getting a place close to this kind of location means getting a conduit pipe for your money.

2. Locate the landlord of the place.

I know you might be wondering, ‘where will i get money to pay for renting the land’. Don’t worry, you don’t have to negotiate how much you will pay to the landlord, just plead with him that you want to stay on the road side a little away from his major land and sell your fuel. Many landlords in Nigeria allows people to sell things in front of their house for free except one city in Nigeria which is Lagos. Not all landlords there will agree except you pay.

3.Get empty rubber containers

You can make use of empty rubbers in your house or get one less than #500 from plastic vendors. Go to women saloon and tell them to sell empty shampoo one litre and two litre rubbers for you. This should be less than #200. Also get a funnel or a flexible pipe that you can use for getting fuel from the rubber. Total spent so far should be less than #2000

4. Go to any Distant filling station where there is fuel then buy.

Now you have the product so what next? Launch your market with a very low price. Fuel sells like foods, you won’t regrete it. Without fuel, the modern society will be dormant. Small Factories, shops that run generator, house holds will all patronize you. Why? Of course you know the Epileptic power supply in nigeria!

5. Make a large barnner and place it there

Your banner will announce you. People will look at what you are doing to be special. Your price should be stated in that banner. Make sure you don’t give a price that is 15 to 20 naira higher than the filling station price.

6. Get a steady supply

People buying bellow 5 litres will rather buy from you than wasting transport fair to filling station. This means you have to be sure you have the product always so you can Matson your customers. The business of fuel grows steadily. Your customers increase dady by day.

Analysis: if you can sell just 100 litres a day for a start and your gain per litre is equal to 20. This means you are making 2000 daily for starting. Think of when your customers increased when your banner has announced you. Do you know why you will start making at least a sale of 1,000 litres a day? Let me tell you.

1. Your banner

You are not the only one selling the products but what will make you unique is your advertisement strategy through the banner. I hardly see fuel retailers doing this.

2.Your price

Your low price will astonish the society if you sell for 160 t0 165. In Nigeria, 98% of fuel retailers sells for 180 to 200 after buying for 143. Can you see you will soon turn to a big filling station for not being greedy? If you start making sales of 1,000 litres a day then it means your gain will be 20,000 a day. Now, ask your self, which job in Nigeria can give you such amount per day?

Note: make sure you increase the quantity supply daily as your income is increasing. don’t forget to employ a worker as you should be thinking of opening another branch soon.

We would like to hear from you, please share your thought with us. Also be free to ask more questions on this topic, our business experts will put you thriugh.

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