How To Make a Cheating Husband Repent

Infidelity is a major problem that a lot of relationship is facing today. This has crashed homes and other relationships. Two out of every three women in the world hardly trust their husband. There is no exception to men suspecting their wives too. The suspicion goes on and on to even normal girl friends and boy friends. Out of five marriages that dissolves , there must be at least two cases of infidelity. Implicatively, if infidelity can be managed in a relationship, more marriages will survive or last longer if not forever. What warrants infidelity differs from relationship to relationship. It Ranges from sexual malfunctioning, non submissivess, nature of the individual, childlessness or infertility, external temptation, absenteeism of spouse do to outside jobs, nature of job, child birth, monthly period, revenge, etc. The list goes on and on. We will not go into details on the causes of infidelity in relationship in this article but we will touch few points on how a woman will make her husband to stop cheating on her.

By nature, men are sexually packaged than women. While men may still reproduce at their oldest age, women may not be able to. This is a matter of nature and not scientific phenomenon. I have argued several time that women in Africa are more faithful than men but a lot of other people’s views are divergent from my point of view in this matter . In africa, more momen fights in the street for men than men does for women. Come to think of it, does fighting your fellow woman stops your boy friend or husband from doing it another day? If ‘no’ then fighting is not the solution. Let me show you the solution in some few points:

1. Don’t resist him.

Am very sure what a man looks for in another woman is simply what their wife or girl friend has. Some may say they are different But I do argue they are all the same. But Why would one go out to look for what he or she has at home? This Must be because may be he never got it at the right time. Let us consider the case of some women that uses S*× as a weapon against their husband in africa.

Using s*x as a weapon against your husband is a dangerious poison against your relationship. If you does hide it from him and he finds it some where, he might not just take it once but will continue to take and take. For this reason, do not close ‘window’ against your husband.

What should you do? Now let me show you, holding your self away from him will make things worse, you can rather use your moment together to talk about your suspecion than trying to create more war in your relationship. the best time you can talk about your grievance is when you are together and about to be together as husband and wife. There you can explain to him how unhappy you are. you can use that avenue to talk to him in a more romantic way. Tell him you love him and you don’t want to find out he is cheating on you. With, your husband will be that good man you want him to be. Express it in a humble way like you have never done. If he fails to understand with you at that point, don’t retrain him from normal play of husband and wife. Things will settle it self naturally. Just trust me!

2. Don’t ever fight fellow woman for your husband

Know that the more you try to fight to keep your relationship, the more you will be losing it. Some ladies may not stop dating your husband because you are fighting them. To some, your fighting them is an icing sugar on their cake.

3. Tell your husband that he can do what ever he wants but you must not know

This is like a magic. Many men whose wife told them such thing end up not cheating at all. To some men, such talks makes them feel more responsible and end up not even thinking of such things. If you are suspecting your husband, don’t just quarrel or fight, just tell him to cover up and make sure you don’t find out. At that point, make him understand that you do know men cheats but he can be different. As I Have written in one of our publications, I will always say it; what a person does not know will not disturb him or her. Telling your husband he is free but you must not find out will frustrate him from trying it. Just trust me!

4. Do all your duties.

If you find out your husband or wife is cheating on you, just ask your self, “Am I up to date?” . Asking your self such question will make you adjust and work things out again. The word ” up to date” means a lot. This includes: are you dressing sexy like you use to do? Are you being romantic like before? Do you stay submissive or you argue with him at all point? Do you cook for him at the right time? All these add up to the reason why a man may give consideration to another girl or woman out there. What If you find out you are missing one of the points? What will you do? Don’t worry, I will show you what to do. Simply tell your husband you realised it. Yes, tell him you will work out without showing you are suspecting him. Do you lack how to present it to him? Let me show you. Thus, Take for instance am the one presenting the matter to my husband, this is how I will say it.

“Darling, I know I have not being doing my duty (let say being romantic) but I promise I will adjust”.

At this point, pretend you don’t know your husband is cheating already. After presenting your fault in this way, he will be filled with all guilts and try to adjust. To turn your husband from cheating on you takes wisdom not physical fight and divorcing him is not and can never be the best solution.

Summary: to make your husband not to cheat on you, you must maintain your self every now and then like the way you met each other. You may not be able to do it perfectly all the time but trying your best will go a long way.

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