Best Ways To Separate Fight Between Husband And Wife.

Family crisis can not be avoided since each human exhibits different traits. Crisis in a family could be between siblings, siblings vs parents, siblings vs mother or father, wife vs husband etc.

The major family crisis that easily breaks a home is the crisis between husband and wife. What If the crisis graduates to punching? Isn’t that too far?

At one point or the other in every marital life, husband and wife must have gone phisical. Though many families protect their reputations by not doing it openly. I can assure you, 80 or more percents of husband and wife who have married for at least 10 years have fought before. As a neighbour, what will you do if you find a neighbour and his wife fighting? Should you keep quiet? What if they kill each other when you could help calm them down by separating them? Keeping quiet in such situation is not right, we should be our brother’s keeper.

Here are things you can do:

1. Separate them with caution.

Husband and wife’s fight is the most delecate and implicative fight to separate. You must do it with all cautions. Why? This is because you might easily be accused of taking sides with one of them. As human, you may not be able to hold the two of them separately at the same time. Holding one person may give the openent punching advantage. This may lead to the person you are holding to face you. Some of the cautions you should take while separating a fighting husband and wife who is your neighbour are:

—if you are a man, don’t hold the wife, hold the husband.

I have seen many cases where husband accused a neighbour of romancing his wife during separation of their fight. Consequently, the wife was also accused of having affairs with the neighbour who intervened in their fight by trying to separate them.

—-quickly alart other neighbours before going to intervene.

You will save your self of all accusations if other neighbours are around. Though you can intervene if other neighbours are not around. Your intervention alone should be just to separate the fight to avoid casualty.

2. Don’t be judgemental.

Do not pass blame on any one, you might end up becoming an enemy to one of them if not both. Sex is the best tool that can really settles husband and wife. Believe me, after a night with each other, you won’t believe there was fight the previous day.

3. Visit them with words of admonition in a kind way.

If you must remain neutral while trying to settle husband and wife, you must not be a judge as we have said. A word of plea for calm goes a long way to calm them down. If they have grown up children, let them be around when you talk to them. Your kind words at that point may seep into them.

4. Revisit Them With Two Or More Neighbours

This is not feasible in some countries and societies. It is only common in a religious society. In a religious society, the neighbour might invite two or more members of their religious organisation who is close by or probably call a leader to be part of such visit. By doing so, the family may feel shamed to have get you and other persons visiting them. Through this way, they might have some control when next there is a rift between the two.

5. Present some gifts to them

This is the part that may sound stupid but it works. Though it takes special human to be such socially responsible and selfless. Presentation of gift is known to be a sign of love for the receiver. Giving gifts to such family in respect of their fight will make them feel deeply responsible when next problem sets in between them. Your gift will ignite a fresh love between the couples.

Note: your involvement in doing this is strictly on social responsibility and selflessness. To build a best society, people must make sacrifices without expecting any thing in return.

We want to hear from you, please give us your comments.

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