How To Know Your Best Friend Has Started Dating Your Sister.

Like death, love is inevitable. It could take you any direction as far as journey of love and life is concern. To some, it takes them to a smooth path while some, to a deep ocean. Such ocean could be divided into several segments:

1) problems from family

2)fear of Ex-girl or boy friend

3) character


5) race

6) culture

8) religion

9) professions, etc.

There are several other factors that serves as a road block to lovers but we will discuss ‘best friends’ in this post.

In reality, 80% of best friends who are men don’t want their friends to date or marry younger or elder sister. This is as result of some dirty games both friends might have played together. You know your friend too well as a guy and you are quiet in a position to know if your friend could be good for your sister in any forms of relationship. What If he is a bad guy that use and dump? Yes, i know you will fight to make sure he never touches any of your sisters. But What if such friend has started encroaching your home which is your wildest fear? Here are signs that will let you find out.

1. He talks to your sister more when he visits

Though some smart ones may try to hide this sign but nature always tell on them. When your best friend gives your sister more attention in your house, be sure that either they are dating secretly already or will soon start. In this first sign, both are highly attracted and your friend no longer gives you full attention like before.

2. Your Sister becomes more excited when he comes around.

Your ability to discern a change of your sister’s mood will determine if you will find out this sign. If she shows more excitement than when your friend haven’t come to visit then suspect them. At this point, don’t conclude, keep watching for further signs.

3.She Suddenly Started Jumping to your conversations with your friend

At this point, she will show more excitement and always want to contribute to any topic both of you are discussing. Even while working with mom in the kitchen, the ‘Bluetooth’ of her ears will be fixed to what you are both discussing. She will always step in by sending her contributions to your discussions through the roof of the kitchen. At this point, watch your friend, when next he comes around he would want the same topic that your sister jumped into to be discussed. This is because he wants her to be involved.

4.Your sister will always pass in front of both of you.

You sit probably with your friend in the palour and your sister keep passing from one room to the other, pretending to be getting something from those rooms is a sign that she is either in love with your friend or they are dating secretly. This may not be true in all cases but if you don’t trust your friend to be good for your sister then you have to watch out for further signs if you must intervein.

5) Your friend makes some gesture to inform her he wants to go.

In carrying out this tactics, your friend will do as if he is trying to let may be your parents or other siblings know that he is leaving. Take a close watch on your sister if she does No6 bellow before you conclude on this number 5

6) she comes out to say louder ‘good bye” to your Fried while going.

If your sister does say a special “good bye” to your best friend and sign No5 is being played by your friend then know that it is true. Yes, they are dating!

7) They begin to call each other

At this point, you will be noticing calls from your sister to your friend or your friend to your sister. She will be jumping into your conversation on phone with him, she will stay around you each time both of you are talking on phone, your friend may unwisely started asking of her on phone and much more.

8. Seeing two of them together

At a point, you may accidentally run into two of them out side the house. In this case, no one needs to tell you the duo are up to something. They may pretend as if nothing is happening but you should know, he is your friend not your sister’s.

9.Your sister will try to make friend with any of your friend’s sister.

This is a smart step so far. She tries to do this in order to hide under the guise of her own friend to be seeing your friend so other things can follow.

10.Sitting together in gathering

In social gathering that involves all of you, you might see your sister and your friend trying to sit next to each other regularly. If the other signs above had being on ground then No10 is a big contribution.

11.Your friend won’t leave the gathering untill your sister make her way out

If they failed to sit together due to lateness in part of one of you, during dismissal, your friend will ask after her and would ask you for both of you to wait for her.

12.Your friend will talk more to her while going

Wow, this means they have missed each other. At this point, you can ring the bell of your disapproval for their relationship if you know too well your friend does it around with other girls and dump them. You may not need to quarrel, you can sit your sister down and let her know about your friend.

Any contribution or corrections? Please feel free to let us know. Your contributions can make us go a long way.

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