Signs That Shows Your Friend is In Love With You.

We meet several people day by day as young men and women. The married and unmarried are also not excluded from this list. Some friends glues together as a ruslt of likened characters while others fall apart.

Often times, friends that are opposite sex fall in love with each other. The ‘fall’ could be simultaneous or one sided. If a friend falls in love first, the other partner is expected to reciprocate. There are several signs that the friend who is in love tend to show (green light) but not all persons easily notice this. have conducted a survey to see what are those signs that an intending lover could be showing to a friend or a person he or she is in love with.

1. Attention

Giving a regular attention to a person is a clear sign of love as long as there is no any other tangible or impending business to be transacted. If a person is in love with you, he or she will give you quality time no matter how busy he or she may be. Some times situations may not let such a person express it too far. Such situations could be, distance of residential areas, presence of others, fear of parents, fear of present girl friend or girl friend, money constraints, etc. No matter the impedance, one who is in love with you will always seek your attention. Have you ever stays with your friend in public or class and he or she calls your name and always want to sit close to you? This is a way of seeking attentions!! if you are looking for a relationship, give him or her your attention and watch out for further signs.

2. Giving you Calls always

Have you ever stayed the whole day with a friend at work, gathering, school, etc. and on leaving he or she for few minutes, the next call you see is him or her calling to know if you have reached home? If yes, don’t let him or her go, it’s a green light of “I love you”. In a case of showing ‘I love you’ through calling, the friend also calls you almost every hour to Chech on you. ‘Hello joy/Joe.. I just want to hear your voice’ and the next thing you hear is ‘bye’ and again ‘bye’. If a friend is showing you this, know that he or she is fully ready.

4.Relax on you while sitting together

This sign is common among ladies. Some times Ladies pretend to be so tired and then try to relax her head or body part on your shoulder or any part of your body. Hey guy, watch out for this, she is ready!

4.Gives you regular eye contact

Eye contact speaks a lot about one falling in love with a friend. Not every one can notice this. Though there are different mood that can trigger an eye contact. It is determined by the discussion on ground, the mood of the person, etc. Eye contacts arising from loving a person is a steady look that usually seize the attention of the looker during the steer. If you notice he or she steering at you for no obvious reasons, know that love is here.

5.Always Want to pay for you

In Africa, this sign is peculiar to men. Each time you both walk in to a place to buy something, he tries to pay quickly before you get your purse. In some cases, if the lady is well to do, she usually shows this sign of paying for the guy also. It all depends on the financial status of your friend.

6.Plays with your hair

Sounds romantic? Of course you know that! If you have long hair and he or she is always touching it and getting glue to it, then know that it’s love and nothing more.

7. Gives you complements

If a person loves you, every thing you do will seems right to him or her. Love complements is usually towards dressings and appearance. Watch out for such sign, it is love!

8. Asks about your family.

In this case, you will hear words like:

He or she: how is mom?

You: fine

He or she: how is dad?

You: dad is fine

After some times, he or she will then began to ask after your siblings if you ever told him or her about them.

9. Makes friend with family members

If he or she ever visited your home, the next thing is to make friend with either the same sex or with the youngest at home. This trick is to create avenue for him or her to keep visiting.

10. Buy things for the new friend in your house

Doing all this is a hard trick to seek your attention and to make sure your parents begin to like him or her before the real deal.

11. Calls family memebers on phone.

This is the climax of all love signs. A green light that exceeds this is no longer a green light, it may dim and finally off if you don’t take a step. If you have a friend and he or she is showing this kind of sign then don’t let him or her go. Such person is totally ready for you.

12. Helps your family

This sign is mostly for African ladies. In this case, you might have started dating already. She will help your mom in cooking and other house hold works each time she visits. Research shows that Ladies that shows this trait are wife materials. would want to hear from you, what do you think about this topic? Please feel free to use the comment box.

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