13 Mistakes That Leads To Marriage Divorce.

Marriage is a Legal, religious or traditional union between a man and a woman. 95% of marriages are most sweet from the beginning of the relationship. This ranges from the first day the couples get talking to the first 3 months after their wedding.

Several factors led to union in marriage of different couples. Some of these factors could be:

1. Real feelings of love

2. Attraction through beauty/handsomenes, intelligence, character or wealth.

4. Family and friend’s Recommendation

5. Constraints

6. Cultural practices.

There is a level of completeness an individual should have before joining themselves to another person. That does not guarantee you won’t have problems, it will make you know what you want, how to get it and how to sustain it.

Marriage is not a bed of roses, it is full of challenges when reality sets in. there are several mistakes you must avoid if your marriage must last longer or forever:

1. Avoid friends that talk about Negative things your spouse is doing.

There is nothing that enbitters the mind of a person against his partner like a bad friend. A bad friend is some one who will see your partner do some thing wrong but won’t walk up to your partner to talk to him or her about it but rather walk up to you to poison your mind. Do not let both of you discuss the bad part of your spouse, tell your friend to discuss what ever he or she have noticed with your spouse and not tell you about the outcome. What You don’t know won’t disturb you.


Don’t argue, always agree and smile while disagreement sets in. When couples disagree over several issues repeatedly, it is adviced that the female sex agree with the point of the male even when the female is right. This is peculiar to African cultures and not attainable in some parts of the world where women tend to have more rights in marriage union than a man. The best time to talk to your spouse about a disagreement is during bed time, expert says.

3.Denying your partner of sex

This is another deadly mistakes couples do that easily crashes marriage. Sex is the best mood to win the attention of your partner. No matter how aggrieved are you, don’t Deny your partner of sex. Key into the mood of sex action and talk to him or her about those things both of you could possibly work on to avoid what made you unhappy.

4. Talking against each other’s family.

No matter how bad is the family Of your spouse, do not make reference to them when he or she misbehaves.

5. Not investing your time for each other .

Don’t be too busy not to listen or do things together. The best way to keep a loved family together is to invest your time for each other. No matter the nature of your job, you must invest your time for each other if you must get it right always.

6. Infidelity

Try what ever you can to avoid extral marriage affairs. This point easily crashes marriage as jealousy is one of the key thing that destroys relationship

7. Entertaining Calls from Ex lovers.

99.9% of partners do not tolerate this. While Some take it harsh, some pretend about it as if all is fine. No partner likes that, avoid all such calls or change your sim if possible.

8.Allowing family and friends intervening in your issues.

No matter how difficult it is to bear, do not call in an external person to your marriage challenges. Try the much you can to handle it except when it is a case of abuse.

9. Not having the same formular for spending for each other’s family.

This is deadly and suspicious in African culture and have crashed a lot of marriages. To hand this, spouse should agree on how much should be spent on both the groom and bride’s family.

10. Keeping secretes

No matter how hard it is, let your spouse know every thing about you. Finding secretes about you accidentally could makes your partner distrust you for ever.

11.insulting your spouse about past life

No matter how aggrieved are you at any moment, do not use the past life of your life to insult him or her. This will lead to your spouse keeping secretes from you.

12. Not talking about your weaknesses regularly.

If you finds the shortcomings of your spouse, find the best time to discuss it with him or her. Find possible ways he or she can amend through suggestions.

13. Not picking Corrections

Don’t feel you are right, try to admit faults when your spouse corrects you. When you go to inner mind, think about the point your spouse is trying to correct. Do you feel you are wrong finally? If yes, do not repeat that again. Do you feel you are right? Find the best time to talk to him or her about it again.

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