Lucrative Small Scale Business You Can Start With Little Amount of money.

Unemployment and lack of much capital to start up a business in Nigeria is one of the biggest fear that usually engolfs the minds of fresh graduates of high schools in Africa.

Should you always be waiting for government? don’t worry, have a good news of simple ways you can be employed and make good money in Africa.

The problems of Unemployment increases every day, while our population is growing , our job generating industrial sectors are shrinking in Africa.

Have you ever thought of where our growing population will be working while our factories are closing down ?

The truth is that the more these factories collapses the more unemployment increases. Sadly, there are no obvious measures on ground that will serve as a panacea to this ‘scourge’ in africa.

As unemployment increases , the rate of crime escalates and the negative circle continues .

Another danger is that most of our surviving manufacturing firms are working below its capacities. This means more workers are susceptible to an imminent unployment problems in Africa.

To cushion the effect and be proactive, kindly check the list bellow to know the possible business you could start with little amount.

1. Farming

Farmers working in farm

Farming is one of the best lucrative businesses and jobs known to man kind over centuries ago. It is the most natural job in africa. Farming is a free gift to Africans because of her climate conditions that supports natural farming. In some parts of Africa, little are required to start up a farm. Where land is available, only thing needed to start up a farm is seedling and labour.

It is known that most edible cultivated crops matures less than a year. Example of such crops includes yam, rice tomatoes, water mellon, ginger, cassava etc. These are numbers of crops that you can easily source for the seedlings and start up today.

2. Phone charging

Charging phone for money

In Africa, supply of electricity is minimal. Parts of the continent where the materials for supply of electricity are available is far lesser than the places where there are no such facilities. In Nigeria, the supply of electricity dwinds yearly due to mismanagement. To key into this lapses, some smart ones resorts to migrating to remote areas where there is limited or no supply of electricity. The inhabitants of such areas seeks where to charge their cell phones daily. It is estimated in Nigeria that charging of a seven cell phones for customers generates about #360 which is about 1$. A young man who is into the business said he started the business with less than 60,000 naira and today he makes at least 80,000 naira monthly from the business.

3. Sale of Drinks and Water

Water is essential, Everybody drink it and almost everybody takes non-alcoholic drinks. The place you will make your market in this business is the many retail shops in your locality, restaurants, bars, mini fast foods spots and individuals who buy in crates and packs for household uses.

To do this business successfully, you have to have a regular source of supply. In this regard, you will develop a relationship with major distributors and wholesalers who will give you the drinks and packaged water with discounts; you deliver directly to these retailers identified above with some margin.

The more quantity you are able to supply, the more profit you will make.

4. Bread Supply and Distribution

People eat bread on a daily basis all year round. The demand for bread is so high that a variety of them has come to the market. You can do this business by identifying good bakery to buy from and sell to retailers. All you need is a vehicle with which to distribute your bread and then create a market with shops and supermarket owners scattered all around you. You can start this business with less than N100,000, if you already have a personal car and scale up when you have been able to develop a large number of retailers to whom you supply. If presently do not have a car, not to worry. You can start by hiring a vehicle to deliver your bread and get a delivery van when you have built up the financial capacity.

4. Eggs Distribution

Egg is a rich source of protein and is consumed all over the world. Apart from its dietary needs, eggs are used to make many products such as confectionaries, cosmetics, soaps, hair conditioners, shampoo, glue and face masks amongst many others. The uses of egg are so numerous that supply is hardly enough to meet demand.

Supply of egg is a business that can be started in small scale and grow to become a big venture. If you want to go into this business, the first thing you must do is to identify poultry farms that produce quality eggs and/or large egg distributors. You buy from these farms or distributors and supply to retail shops, supermarkets, fast food joints, bakers and even households. Then develop a network of buyers who are many and varied around your neighboyrhood. What you will need to succeed in this business are empty egg crates and a delivery van. Minus the delivery van, you can start this business with less than N100,000. If you have a vehicle already, you can go into this business straight away but if you don’t have a vehicle, you can still start by using a cart to deliver your goods and later acquire a used vehicle.


Are you some one who have the capacity to learn how to write? you can start a blog in a niche of your interest. Blogging has become one good way of launching an internet business. It is popular and profitable if you get it right and what more, you can start with little or no capital. All you need is an internet access, a good research skill, an interest and a laptop and lot of time. In fact your most important and perhaps expensive investment in a blogging career may be your time. Set up a free blog with wordpress or blogger or if you have some money, set up your blog on self hosted server; populate your blog with quality content, get people to read your content (drive traffic), get their confidence and monetize your blog with google adsebse, display advert, affiliate marketing or sell information products such as ebooks, etc. Blogging has made a lot of Nigerian youths millionaires but it is not as easy as it sounds, nothing good comes easy. If you are prepared to learn, spend time, work hard and be patient, blogging will make you rich.

Kindly share your taughts and ideas with others on the comment box please.

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