How To Cure Scorpion Sting

Pains from Scorpion sting is one of the excruciating pains one can ever feel. Africa is one of the places on earth that almost all species of scorpions can be found. Despite it numeriousity in Africa, Arizona is another home to dozens of species of scorpions.
While all scorpions have venom that they might use to capture their prey, not all scorpions have venom that is harmful to humans. In real sense, human sees all scorpions as a Dangerious creature. Some times we might be tempted to ask, “why do nature bring forth such creatures?” Such answer can not be given by one who has no knowledge of nature. I do not know even a single uses of scorpions to human but I have inner convictions that they might have uses too as almost every thing that has disadvantage always have advantages.

In africa, especially nigeria, those who works in stony areas sees scorpions almost every day. Some times becomes unlucky and got stinged. They are said to be much in a hot and rocky areas as they love taking cover under rocks and stones. The numeriousity of this species of animal has made their victims very numerious. It stings almost every other animals but there is a resent research that shows that animals with high fat concenterations, like the swines, are highly resistant to the pains of scorpion stings. This i might not categorically prove to you right now. It is estimated that there are millions of scorpion stings a year which lead to thousands of deaths. The high death rate of scorpion victims is as a result of lack of proper early first aid and simple steps that could douse the pains of the venom.

The site for secretion of Scorpion venom.

There is a kind of Scorpion called Emperor scorpion. It is one of the biggest scorpions in the entire world. These Specie’s adults sometimes average 20 centimeters (7.9 inches) in length and weighing in at over 30 grams. One of the only scorpions that come in close to size is the forest scorpion.

Emperor scorpion

Irrespective of the species, size or kinds, every venom from scorpion sting can be very excruciating. The pains can lead to death and has killed millions of people from ages.

What To Do When You Are Stung By Scorpion

There are couple of things you can do if you are Stung by scorpion. Here are simple ways and steps to cure scorpion sting:

1. Go a step up from the point of the body where you were stung and band it: this trick had being in practice for centuries amongst farmers and factory workers in Africa and other parts of the world. It is said that scorpion venom travels around the body and could easily kill if it goes to some parts of the body. When the upper point is tied with bandage or any available materials, it stops the movement of the the venom.

A band toe to stop the going up of the venum

2. Look for a sharp object like razor and cut the Point where you were stung and press blood out: this enables the venom to float out with blood.

Photo illustration for size of the cut

3. Slice onion, eat and apply it to the sting site if available: Cut a piece of onion and apply it to sting site. onion contains anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties that reduce the pain and help prevent infections. In a situation where the pains persist after the two steps above, onions can be used to kill the pains and also prevent the circulation of the venom from the spot of the sting.

Onion was discovered decades ago as one of the best cure for scorpion sting because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Sliced onion

Garlic can act in place of onions but because of its odour, many prefare using onions. Though the raw uses of onion, especially taken it raw creates mouth odour too but more bearable.

Any contribution? Please share your thought and experience with us.

(Contributions and Image Source: google)


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